Compagnie des Alpes invests €304 million in Futuroscope
French theme park invests in rides and hotels
MagicLand opens VR dark ride Gattobaleno Time Machine
Old ‘Planeta Winx’ dark ride received a new theme, created with virtual reality.
Report – A visit to the new semi-dark ride in Hellendoorn
Read all about the new Jungle Expedition and existing dark ride Discovery Club
Futuroscope opens their new ride Objectif Mars
Futuristic theme park opens new semi-dark ride rollercoaster
Avonturenpark Hellendoorn opens Jungle Expedition
Upgrade of Jungle Monster now qualifies as semi-dark ride
Alton Towers postpones opening of new dark ride to 2021
Due to Covid-19 the Gangsta Granny ride will open in spring 2021
Europa-Park reveals boats for Piraten in Batavia
Park releases a new making-of video of their 2020 rebuilt dark ride
Legoland Billund postpones opening Flying Theatre to 2021
Opening of Emmet’s Flying Adventure postponed due to delays in construction
Preview video of Futuroscope’s Objectif Mars
Futuroscope reveils several dark ride scenes in new video on their 2020 rollercoaster
Madurodam places Dakota airplane for new ride
Dutch miniature park converts Dakota DC-3 to host flight experience
Building of Kunibert’s Abenteuer closed
Construction update of Freizeitpark Klotten’s new dark ride in 2020
Opening the community and new special
Feel free to visit our community and discuss on your favorite dark rides
Toverland reveals early concepts of Merlin’s Quest
A rare insight in the design process of Merlin’s Quest
Behind the scenes look on Piraten in Batavia
Europa-Park Weekly shows more on the progress of Piraten in Batavia
New dark rides for 2020
Read all about new dark and show rides in 2020
Liseberg presents new dark ride ‘Underlandet’
Ride themed around the park’s mascot opens in spring 2020
Interactive Dark Ride for Wild & Freizeitpark Klotten
Lagotronics Projects designs new dark ride, based on the legend of Knight Kunibert.
Legoland Billund is about to open a Flying Theatre
Legoland Billund opens first Flying Theatre of Scandinavia
Movieland announces new rides in Space theme
New ride “Space Mission Mars” might by listed on DRdb as show ride.
Europa Park reveals story for Piraten in Batavia
First episode of a making of series premiered on YouTube.
Legoland Discovery Centre Scheveningen almost ready to open
Plan shows a dark ride and 3D cinema
F.L.Y makes first test flights
Flying Rollercoaster F.L.Y will probably be listed on DRdb as Semi-Dark Ride.
Alton Towers gives sneak peak on Gangsta Granny
The park tells the ride’s story and shows some of the scenes
Travel through time in MagicLand
Dark Ride “Planeta Winx” will be rethemed to “Gattobaleno Time Machine”
Madurodam is adding new ride in 2020
Flight simulator might be a listed on DRdb as show ride
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