Terra Magma in Bobbejaanland opens to the public today

Facade of Terra Magma (© Dark Ride Database)
Façade of Terra Magma (© Dark Ride Database)

It was only November of last year when Indiana River at Bobbejaanland (Belgium) closed its doors. Over the past 6 months, the world’s first enclosed log flume has underwent a complete transformation on both the outside and inside. Following yesterday’s press preview, the dark ride officially reopens to the public today, 14 May, under the name Terra Magma.

Terra Magma Opening 6
Opening of Terra Magma. f.l.t.r.: General Manager Yves Peeters, Maintenance Manager Tom Knuts, Marketing Director Peggy Verelst (© Dark Ride Database)

200 lucky quiz winners are among the first to set foot onto the mysterious island. ”For years, stories about Terra Magma have been circulating”, the press release explains. Terra Magma is part of the newly formed Mystery Bay area and tells the story of an island which at first glance resembles a paradise, a prime destination for explorers. However, it is guarded by a volcano about to erupt.

The outside of the building resembles the island, with local villager’s homes made from drift ashore materials at the foot of the volcano. The log flume system inside has been kept from the over 30-year-old Indiana River but has been completely revised. A new control system has been built from the ground up and the boats have, where needed, been repaired. Bobbejaanland invested a little over €3 million in Terra Magma this year.

Terra Magma Opening 2
Outdoor queue line among the villager’s homes (© Dark Ride Database)

Guests put themselves in the shoes of the explorers and take a seat in one of the hollowed out tree trunks, flowing down a river into the heart of the island. ”The atmosphere suddenly changes: the volcano does not approve of the intruders’ arrival. As all warnings are ignored, a strong wind appears and a storm breaks out.” Soon, guests find themselves within the crater of the volcano and narrowly escaping its eruption.

Terra Magma Opening 3
Station (© Dark Ride Database)
Terra Magma Opening 5
Scene 3 on the first lift (© Dark Ride Database)
Terra Magma Opening 4
Erupting of the volcano (© Dark Ride Database)

Most of the old theming consisting of a jungle and Mayan temples has made way for a total of 14 new scenes. A combination of physical decor and projections have been utilised to realise scenes ranging from a quiet village, hurricane, shipwrecks, a swamp and the inside of the volcano itself. The ride was designed by the Belgian KCC Entertainment Design and realisation was carried out by over 20 companies, all home to Belgium as well.

Onride video of Terra Magma

Team DRdb was present during the press-event. A full report of the event and of course the new attraction will follow.