Heide Park reveals new dark ride for the 2024 season

Damonen Gruft concept art
Concept art of Dämonen Gruft (© Merlin Entertainment)

Heide Park has just revealed their newest investment for 2024. This new addition will be a dark ride named ‘Dämonen Gruft‘ and will be situated in the former station of the log flume Wildwasserbahn II, located in the Transylvania area of the park. This new ride will open next month, on Friday 29th March.

The new addition sees guests joining a ‘Katakomben Tour’ hosted by the villagers living around these catacombs. Some previous guests venturing underground haven’t returned yet however, fueling the mystery of these caves. A mysterious figure is now warning against these tours, calling the cave a Demon’s Tomb.

The ride is being advertised on the Heide Park website as ‘Germany’s Scariest Dark Ride’ and will feature a ride system build by Italian manufacturer Preston & Barbieri. The carriages are able to seat a maximum of 4 people through the 3 minute exploration of the Demon’s Tomb. Construction on the ride is well under way, and has taken 15 months from start to finish.