Glenwood Caverns reopens Haunted Mine Drop as Crystal Tower

Crystal Tower
Crystal Tower show building © Simon de Bruijn (05-06-2023)

Glenwood Caverns has reopened the Haunted Mine Drop dark ride after an accident back in september of 2021. The park has been renovating, retheming and renaming the ride following the incident. The ride, now named Crystal Tower, takes guests into a crystal filled mine. This new experience quietly opened recently, and has not yet been added to the site, meaning that it’s most likely a soft opening.

Because of the accident, a few changes to the ride have been made. It now features a cage around the main ride vehicle. This, along with new seat belts, will prevent a similar accident in the future. Seatbelts are also to be closed by the staff now instead of guests closing their own. The ride experience itself has been updated as well, now being more light hearted with glowing crystals along the walls of the cave. The exterior also joins in, being repainted blue to match with its new theme. 

Glenwood advertises the retooling as a new attraction, with no mention of the old ride. It has not been revealed if and when the ride will get an official opening.