Nemesis: Sub-Terra to reopen 27 May 2023

New logo for Nemesis: Sub-Terra © Alton Towers

The tell-tale signs have come to fruition. Alton Towers have officially announced that Nemesis: Sub-Terra will open on May 27th. The ride has been closed since November 2015 as a response to the Smiler incident earlier that year.

Alton Towers (Staffordshire, UK) revealed on Twitter today that the re-opening date of their semi-dark ride attraction will be Saturday 27 May 2023. The tweet includes a teaser video that contains a logo and the new tag line – ‘your worst nightmare underground’.

The attraction first opened back in 2012, an narrative-driven indoor drop tower from abc rides, containing dark ride scenes at both the summit and base of the drop. Along with the ride portion, the experience was actor led, with a pre-show, elevator sequence and elements of a horror walkthrough. Nemesis: Sub-Terra only remained operational for 3 years and has lain dormant since 2015, although the building has been used as a scare attraction on some occasions in the interim.

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Exterior of the ride earlier this season © Dark Ride Database (18-03-2023)

The theme of the ride was based around the investigation of mysterious eggs, belonging to the Nemesis creature that featured on the nearby famous roller coaster. While Nemesis itself is undergoing track refurbishment, the retention of the name and theme for both attractions implies that Sub-Terra will continue to present at least a similar story as previously, though perhaps updated or re-imagined. It seems we will know soon enough.