Triotech invites guests explore the depths at the Malta National Aquarium

Triotech Aquarium Malta Dynamic explorer 12B HD
Impression of The Deep Explorer (©Triotech)

A few weeks ago Triotech announced the opening of their latest dynamic explorer attraction at the Malta National Aquarium. In this latest stand-up show ride, up to 20 guests at a time experience a journey through the undersea world through a simulated descent into the abyss.

The Malta National Aquarium, located in Qawra, which is located on the north side of Malta, is the biggest aquarium on the island. According to a government evaluation from 2018, it has been a driver for local tourism since its opening in 2013. The aquarium features five distinctly and detailed themed zones, many tying in to either the geological locations or history of the island. It houses over 50 tanks, with a main 12 metre diameter tank being the biggest one. Since the start of 2024 it’s also home to a brand new Dynamic Explorer by Triotech.

Screenshot 2024 02 04 160319
Open view of the Dynamic Explorer (©Triotech)

The Dynamic explorer is a stand-up simulator from the French manufacturer. It features a 20 person cabin which can move using a 2 DOF system. The cabin features a 360 degrees guest experience through the use of screens, dropping ceiling hatches and other special and practical effects. Because of the relative small amount of room needed to build one (only 4m x 4m x 5m) the Dynamic Explorer is a popular option as a second gate stand-alone attraction, an example being the one previously installed at Grand Aquarium de Saint-Malo or as part of a bigger experience such as a walk through.

The Deep Explorer at the Malta National Aquarium is more than an attraction. We’re fostering a transformation in the realm of edutainment” added Gabi Salabi, Managing Director, Projects at Triotech.

This cutting-edge attraction aligns seamlessly with our mission to inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation for marine life. The collaboration with Triotech has resulted in an immersive journey that goes beyond entertainment, offering our visitors an enriching experience that fosters awareness and respect for the wonders of the ocean. We are excited to provide a unique and educational adventure for our guests.” stated Mark Pace, Director Sales and Marketing at Malta National Aquarium.

The installation in Malta focuses a lot on the education aspect of the aquarium. According to Triotech’s Christian Martin this also also the main difference when installing a show ride in this type of attraction compared to a theme park. Salabi adds to that: “The guests’ journey is one of emotion, edutainment, and surprise. It’s a testament to Triotech’s relentless pursuit of redefining what’s possible in the world of immersive experiences.”.

The experience is open now for all guests at The National Aquarium in Malta.