Sansei Technologies presents new trackless dark ride system

Sansei Technologies
The six-seat trackless dark ride vehicle (© Sansei Technologies)

Japanese rides manufacturer Sansei Technologies has presented a new transportation system for dark rides featuring trackless technology. The company is widely known for supplying a wide range of systems to parks around the world, including Universal and Disney, but this marks their first endeavour into the world of trackless. A prototype vehicle had already been presented on the IAAPA Expo Asia 2023, but now more information on the system has been revealed.

A press-release by Sansei Technologies shows an example of what a dark ride with this new system can look like. A building layout is shown on which non-linear, criss-crossing paths can be seen that the vehicles can freely travel across, resulting in many ways the attraction can be experienced. The example layout includes a so-called ‘Battle Zone’ right in front of the station, wherein by way of a grand finale multiple vehicles will circle around each other.

Sansei Technologies
Lay-out example for the new dark ride system (© Sansei Technologies)

The system, which by the way is simply named Trackless Dark Ride, features multiple independant vehicles which are available in 3 sizes. From small to large, each has room for 4, 6 and 8 persons, resulting in a capacity between 480 and 960 persons per hour. According to the press-release, the vehicles can move at speeds between 2 and 4,5 km/h (1.2-2.8 mph) and can optionally be equipped with audio and lighting, as well as interactive shooting systems.

Sansei Technologies
Sansei’s team, presenting the vehicle on the IAAPA Expo Asia (© Sansei Technologies)

Sansei Technologies is the mother company of both coaster and tower ride manufacturer S&S Worldwide (Utah – U.S.A.) and attraction manufacturer Vekoma (The Netherlands). The latter of the two recently presented their own Suspended Dark Ride system.