Simtec to manufacture one-of-a-kind flying theatre experience at Mercury Towers

HEXaFLITE Simtec Fly over Valletta day time Large
Impression of the new Flying Theatre (© Simtec Systems / Sarner International)

Today, German ride manufacturer Simtec Systems announced their latest ride development in a press release. Together with theming company Sarner International, they are currently creating Malta’s very first flying theatre. The new experience, revolving around the history of the island state in the Mediterranean Sea, will be located inside the Mercury Towers skyscraper that is currently under construction.

The attraction itself is the result of a multi-million-euro investment by Mercury, and begins with a multi-show walkthrough that reveals the history behind Malta: from the oldest man-made structures in the world to the battles that echoed around Europe. Visitors will also learn the story of Mercury House, a historic Grade 2 listed building that lies at the feet of the new Mercury Towers. The story continues about an underground control centre that used to be on this location, which was a vital communication hub during WWII, before experiencing a multi-projector show that celebrates Malta in the present day.

The visit culminates with a ride on board a custom-built flying theatre designed and delivered by Simtec Systems. Featuring custom footage and special on-board effects, the flying theatre simulator ride uses a six-degrees-of-freedom motion platform to take visitors on a flight around the islands, a experience suitable for the entire family. The new attraction at Mercury Towers will be an immersive multisensory experience, education, and celebration of Malta in 60 minutes, featuring advanced effects that include projection mapping, 3D multi-channel sound, smoke and water effects.

HEXaFLITE Simtec Fly over Gozo Large
Impression of the new Flying Theatre (© Simtec Systems / Sarner International)

Collaborating on the creation process was Sarner, the British company specilialized in experential design and production practice for especially immersive exhibitions and museums. During the creation process for the ride at Mercury Towers, Sarner has collaborated closely with Heritage Malta to ensure the highest level of authenticity. This historical accuracy is reflected in the storytelling, the physical scenic recreations, and in the film content, by blending live action and Hollywood-level CG visual effects. Filming took place throughout the Maltese islands and includes new aerial footage and filmed reenactment, all delivered in ultra-high definition 8k.

Mercury Towers render
Design render of the Mercury Towers development (© Zaha Hadid Architects)

The Mercury Towers are a new development, comprising multiple new high-rise buildings of which one will be a 122 meter (400ft) tall sky scraper. The tower is designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid, and is one of the last buildings she designed before passing away in 2016. At ground level, this new destination retains the historic Mercury House, that dates from 1903, which has been restored and repurposed. It is juxtaposed against a central structure , the 33 floors Mercury Tower, which will be Malta’s tallest building to date. The towers, as well as the flying theatre, are expected to open later in 2023.