New ‘Fantawild Wonderland’ park to open July 2023, with multiple dark rides

Fantawild Xuzhou
Overview of the park ©

Fantawild Wonderland has been officially announced to be the next park opening within the chain, situated on the outskirts of the city of Xuzhou (Jiangsu province, China). A total of at least 7 known dark and show rides are billed to open with the park on Tuesday 18th July 2023.

The new park will be the first to go by the name of ‘Fantawild Wonderland’. In the past, the majority of Fantawild parks had a set theme, such as Oriental Heritage, with attractions based on Chinese mythology, that would be shared across multiple locations throughout China. However several of the most recent parks, such as Fantawild Dinosaur Kingdom and FT Wild Land have gone on to receive a unique name and concept, for the time being.

Wizard Academy Xuzhou
Exterior of Wizard Academy at Fantawild Wonderland Xuzhou ©

Nevertheless, the attractions due to open at Fantawild Wonderland are familiar names in the chain’s history and this time the lineup seems to share many similarities to the Fantawild Dreamland parks of the past. This includes the first Wizard Academy since 2016, a motion-based dark ride that had been superseded by newer storylines – a new facade may well hint at an updated version of the hardware or media for this attraction, but only time will tell.

Xuzhou Interactive
Promotional image for the interactive dark ride ©

Other attractions are also opening with the park next month, such as an Interactive Dark Ride, Boat Ride, Revolving Theatre & Flying Theatre, with further details to follow. These upcoming rides have been added to our database and will be updated as and when we learn more.