Thorpe Park’s Ghost Train opens today as rethemed experience

Ghost Train Visual
Artwork for the Ghost Train in Thorpe Park (© Thorpe Park / Merlin Entertainments)

Last winter, Thorpe Park announced the closure of their VR show ride Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, which was to be retired and rethemed. Today, the British theme park opens the completely ride, which is now simply called Ghost Train. The ride has lost its distinctive VR-glasses, but the park promises that the new experience will still be thrilling and terrifying.

Originally opened in 2016, Derren Brown’s Ghost Train was presented as a complete re-imagining of the ghost train concept. The development was spearheaded by British illusionist Derren Brown, who lend his name to promote the ride. A tracked system, simulator, VR technology and scare actors all worked in conjunction to offer guests a unique and frightful experience, which took about 15 minutes. After 7 years of operation, the park has decided to revamp the ride, dropping the association with Brown and even forgoing the utilisation of VR headsets.

So far, Thorpe Park has not shared much details on the retheme of the ride, apart from the simple name Ghost Train. On the park’s website however, the ride is advertised as a “harrowing ride into the realms beneath Thorpe Park to where the supernatural believers call home. Ghost Train is one of the UK’s longest ride experiences featuring live actors and multisensory effects to create a terrifying attraction like no other!” Distinguishing the ride from the previous experiences, the park also states that “There’s nothing virtual about this petrifying experience, so prepare to meet your maker as you come face-to-face with horrors that dwell within.”

The Ghost Train is set to open at noon, which is announced to be the ride’s opening time throughout the rest of the year as well. The ride will also feature a stand-by queue line, which is different from the final operation years of the previous version of the ride, as Derren Brown’s Ghost Train required time slot reservations to ride. The ride is recommended for ages 13+, but the park welcomes daring guests aged younger as well. “But watch your tracks, death is always one stop ahead.”