Wreck-it-Ralph’s Suger Rush coming to Tokyo Disneyland

Concept art for the new attraction (© Walt Disney Imagineering)

Today, Tokyo Disneyland in Japan unveiled a new attraction. Less then two months before the opening of Fantasy Springs, the resort announced the next new dark ride. Set in the world of Wreck-it-Ralph, a new Sugar Rush-inspired attraction will open in 2026.

Wreck-It-Ralph is an animation film from 2012. It is set in a digital world beyond video games and follows Ralph, who is the villain of a fictional game called ‘Fix-it-Felix Jr.’. While not being part of the game, Ralph dreams of being the hero for once. But Ralph soon finds out that being a hero is tougher than it seems. On his adventure, Ralph meets Vanellope, a character from the (again fictional) game candy-themed race game Sugar Rush. The film was followed by a sequel in 2018, called Ralph Breaks the Internet.

In the new attraction, guests take on the role of familiar characters from the movie in order to save the world of Sugar Rush, which is about to be destroyed by a glitch called the Sugar Bug created by King Candy. Together with Ralph, Vanellope and the others, they have to return Sugar Bug to its original form of cute sweets such as cookies and cakes.  

Concept art for the exterior of the attraction (© Walt Disney Imagineering)

The new attraction in Tokyo Disneyland is set to replace Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters, which will close in October this year. The new attraction reuses Astro Blasters’ ride system by Sansei Technologies. Meanwhile, the adjacent ‘Planet M’ souvenirshop will also get a make-over. The new, yet unnamed, Wreck-it-Ralph attraction will open in 2026.

Concept art for the new store (© Walt Disney Imagineering)