Nemesis: Sub-Terra might reopen after 7 years of closure

Promotional artwork Nemesis: Sub-Terra (© Alton Towers)
Promotional artwork Nemesis: Sub-Terra (© Alton Towers)

Rumours regarding a possible reopening have been surrounding Nemesis: Sub-Terra at Alton Towers. The ride closed in 2015 but the building has reappeared on the 2023 park map. In addition, the park has started testing the pre-show. Could this mark a big return for the semi-dark ride?

Nemesis: Sub-Terra is a drop tower dark ride manufactured by ABC Rides, which opened back in 2012. The ride would eventually close in 2015 due to the lower visitor numbers that were seen as a result of the Smiler rollercoaster incident that same year. Three other rides closed at that time, with Madhouse Hex being the only one to have re-opened so far. Parts of the building for Sub-Terra would reopen to the public during Halloween, where it was used for a haunted maze, but the section containing the actual ride was not accessible.

Rumours about Nemesis: Sub-Terra reopening in 2023 were already circulating when Nemesis, the park’s inverted roller coaster, closed for major renovations. With Sub-Terra being centred around the same story as the coaster, people speculated that a re-opening could coincide with the renewed Nemesis that is set to open next year.

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Attraction exterior © Dark Ride Database (18-03-2023)

These rumours have been getting stronger ever since small updates around the ride’s show building have been noticed by visitors, with clear work taking place in the building. Not only that, the ride has also been drawn back on to the park’s map, together with a teaser for the upcoming re-opening of Nemesis. But the biggest hint of all would be that the pre-shows of the attraction have recently been testing, as seen by Theme Park Worldwide on Twitter.

Alton Towers has not given an official announcement of the fate of the attraction, but this might well be coming soon, judging by the updates surrounding the ride.