Sally Dark Rides announces new Care Bears ride

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Care Bears (© Cloudco Entertainment)

Sally Dark Rides, renowned for crafting unforgettable family ride experiences worldwide, has forged a partnership with Cloudco Entertainment to announce a brand new ride based on the beloved children’s franchise, The Care Bears.

Debuting in 1982 across various consumer products, greeting cards, and subsequently captivating audiences through animated television series and feature films, Care Bears has solidified its place as one of the globe’s most cherished children’s franchises. Enthusiasts of all ages are enchanted by the adorable denizens of Care-A-Lot, known for their ethos of fun, sharing, and caring.

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(© Cloudco Entertainment)

We are incredibly excited at the opportunity to bring the world of Care Bears to life by way of an immersive dark ride attraction” say’s Sally’s VP of business development and marketing, Lauren Weaver, “Care Bears is just one of those brands you want to wrap your arms around and hug.” Few details have emerged about this project, however Sally invites guests to embark on whimsical “Cloud Cars” that transport them into a vibrant and enchanting world sure to delight all the senses with sounds, special effects lighting, meticulously crafted scenery, charming Care Bears animatronic characters and even smells!

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(© Cloudco Entertainment)

The Care Bears made their first appearance on television in 1983 followed up with a hit animated TV series culminating with a trilogy of feature films ending in 1987. They never really left the public consciousness, but didn’t see another TV series until 2015 where Netflix revived the franchise with an all new animated series, followed up with yet another series in 2019 on Cartoon Network titled “Care Bears: Unlock the Magic”. It is this newest series that will most likely inform this newly announced ride from Sally.

Robert Prinzo, of Cloudco Entertainment, says “Sally Dark Rides’ expertise in creating immersive experiences is the perfect canvas to bring the colorful world of Care-A-Lot to life.” And there’s even proof to back this statement up as Sally has already had success in bring the Care Bears to life once before. Back in 1988, Sally Dark Rides, then known as Sally Industries created a charming animatronics show featuring several of the Care Bears for theme parks located in Pennsylvania and Jakarta Indonesia.

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Care Bears animatronic show (© Sally Dark Rides)

These shows ran for several years, until licensing agreements expired, forcing the shows to be closed down and destroyed. Unfortunately, now all that remains of these shows are cherished memories and a few photos and home videos. So now it’s even more exciting to see Sally once again have the opportunity to bring these beloved characters to life nearly 40 years later! No specific location has been announced for this attraction, but we’re sure there are several places that would jump at the opportunity to have such a well known group of characters crafted by some of the best in the themed entertainment business.