Conny-Land opens unique Crazy Professor dark tower ride

Crazy Professor parkplan image
Crazy Professor as it appears in Conny-Land’s park map (© Conny-Land)

After several years of wait, today is the grand day for Conny-Land. The largest amusement park in Switzerland is opening their unique Crazy Professor dark tower ride. The ride was initially announced for the 2020 season, but due to many drawbacks opening had been delayed. The ride is a co-development of the park and Ride Engineers Switzerland, creating an experience that is found nowhere else in the world yet.

As the name suggests, the new ride revolves around some crazy professor. The setting takes riders back to the industrial revolution in some sort of steampunk-style. Here, our professor managed to find a way to defy gravity, but that obviously doesn’t go without problems. Crazy Professor uses a 20 meter tall indoor drop tower ride system, accompanied by an immense projection screen spanning as tall as the tower itself.

Over the last weeks, the parks has posted a series of small making-of videos on their social media channels. In the videos, we see Roby Gasser, one the member of the family owning Conny-Land, flying to London to produce the media for the new ride. The ride will star Gaston Häni, ‘the most famous clown in Switzerland’, as the namesake professor. Apart from the short making-of videos, the park has been very silent concerning photos and videos of the ride, though some construction pictures can be found in a local news article.

20230331 CrazyProfessor01
Still from making-of video, showing Roby Gasser in the film studio (© Conny-Land)

Crazy Professor is the first in line of a partnership between Conny-Land and Ride Engineers Switzerland. Aim of the partnership is to develop a completely new ride every two years, all of which should be prototypes. For the development of this particular ride, the team was complemented by Farmer Attraction Development, who co-produced the media.

Tweet showing the exterior of Crazy Professor, by an employee of a local construction company that helped building the ride