FlyOver’s second stand-alone Flying Theatre in Canada delayed until 2025

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Render of the new Toronto location (© Sturgess Architecture)

Back in 2019, FlyOver announced the construction of their second Canadian flying theatre, after their exesting installation in Vancouver. It was originally set to open in 2022, right next to Toronto’s CN Tower. The new ride was already delayed due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2020. Now, according to Canadian new site BlogTO, its opening is once again pushed back as construction is yet to begin at the Toronto location.

In 2013, FlyOver Canada became the first flying theatre to open outside of a theme park. This brought a whole new dimension of planning to such a ride. Where theme parks attract people with multiple rides and attractions, FlyOver Canada had to do the same with just the Flying Theatre. Luckily the nature of the ride formed a great basis for a standalone attraction: “It’s a show ride. It’s somewhere in-between a theatre and cinema. It’s not called a flying theatre by coincidence”, said Stefan Rothaug, marketing and sales director at Brogent in an interview with Dark Ride Database in 2022. The ride has proven successful, leading to the opening of several new standalone Flying Theatres by Pursuit, most recently the one in Chicago’s Navy Pier.

FlyOver Toronto’s turbulent history

FlyOver was selected in 2019 by Toronto’s CN Towers owner, Canada Lands Company. “FlyOver Canada fits with our commitment to creating unforgettable, accessible and meaningful experiences to guests coming from all over the world. We look forward to seeing their attraction come to life in downtown Toronto” according to John McBain, president of Canada’s Lands Company. Toronto’s FlyOver location was initially set to open in 2022, but the attraction’s website now advertises an opening date set for 2025.

Construction has yet to start and both FlyOvers owner, Pursuit Collection, and Canada Lands Company have been quiet about the new Toronto location. The last information about the new installation came from a statement of Viad Corp, Pursuits owner, in late 2023, which mentioned “costs related to the development of Pursuit’s new FlyOver attractions in Chicago and Toronto.” Since then, the installation in Chicago has opened last month, but it is yet unsure whether the 2025 opening date will be achieved for the Toronto version.