Schwaben Park presents Hans Dampf, world’s first AI supported simulator

Hans Dampf Schwaben
Concept art of the ride’s showbuilding (© Schwaben Park)

The German Amusementpark and Zoo Schwaben Park will open their newest ride in the spring of 2024. The ride, named ”Hans Dampf Auf Weltreise” (Hans Dampf on a world trip), will be a simulator ride manufactured by the German aufwind Group.

The aufwind Group is known for their two simulators currently residing at Eis Greissler Manufaktur in Austria. The simulator at Schwaben Park will be similair to one of the two simulator at Eis Greissler, this being the Zugfahrt in the Eis-Zeitreise attraction. This is a train simulator and the same model as the upcoming Hans Dampf attraction.

Hans Dampf will be located next to the station for the ”Hummel Brummel” roller coaster, in its own showbuilding themed to a train station. The attraction will heavily feature AI-Technology, with the park stating that; ”Experience the world’s first AI-supported attraction and look forward to a somewhat turbulent ride.”. It is currently unknown in what way AI will be used on the ride, as no further details have been revealed at this point.