New drive solution for dark ride to be showcased at IAAPA by Wittenstein

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A schematic of the new system (© Wittenstein)

Wittenstein will be showcasing their latest drivesolution during IAAPA Expo Europe. This new technology is made to not only give guests a smooth ride experience, but also to hide all of its technology from view in order to create the perfect immersive experience. The system, named cyber iTAS system 2 was originally produced for the intralogistics industry and has since found its way into the dark ride market.

These drivers are made to be as maintenance free as possible; the wheels being the only part that needs frequent replacements. This goes paired with infrequent breakdowns, meaning that rides can keep operating every day without many issues.

The brakes on the drivers is another point of intrest. These are quick and sharp, allowing for small brake distance which in turn gives the ride a possibility for high vehicle density and thus shorter wait times. This can be combined with additional smaller protective fields in front of safety scanners which gives the ride a lower amount of safety stops.

Wittenstein promises maximum maneuverability and smooth slow speed, giving guest a comfortable yet immersive ride. This makes it all the perfect driver for dark ride vehicles, especially trackless ones since the inner workings are all hidden to enhance the immersion. We can’t wait to discover what else is in store with this new driver model at IAAPA Expo Europe later this week.