Exterior of Uncharted semi-dark ride presented by PortAventura

Artwork for the Uncharted semi-dark ride (© PortAventura World)
Artwork for the Uncharted semi-dark ride (© PortAventura World)

The Spanish PortAventura Park is working hard getting their much anticipated enclosed rollercoaster finished. The new ride is based on the Uncharted IP, a video game and movie series revolving around a group of explorers searching for lost treasure. The new roller coaster will be heavily themed, including a dark ride section and several effects along the route enabling more scenes. Last week, the park announced the opening date of Uncharted to be in June of this year, and published an artwork showing what the exterior will become on social media.

The impression of the extrior shows that the Uncharted‘s large show building will be extensively themed with rockwork to fit in the Far West area of the park it is located in. Much of the facade will be hidden behind a wall of rockwork, reminiscent of those found at desert canyons. Found centrally in the structure, above what is presumably the entrance, is a large chiselled out skull. Large parts of the rock formations have been applied already, as evident by pictures posted on Twitter account pafans.

The ride was announced late last year and will be a Multi Dimension Coaster by Intamin, which means that the coaster can include a series of special effects. With a track just shy of 700 metres, featuring 5 launch sections and various dark ride scenes, the 4,800 m2 building will be home to an experience for the whole family. Apart from 5 launches, the coaster also includes a turntable and a backwards spike along the way. The whole roller coaster was erected over the last months inside the ride’s show building.

To provide the theming of the ride, PortAventura partnered up with Sally Dark Rides. It’s not the first time both parties join forces: The company earlier delivered the beloved interactive trackless dark ride Sesame Street – Street Mission to the park. Lauren Wood Weaver of Sally explains to Dark Ride Database: “We’re incredible thrilled that PortAventura has called on the Sally team once more to bring another world-class family attraction to their park. It’s going to be a one-of-a-kind adventure with the action, thrills and humor that the Uncharted brand is well-known for.”

Uncharted will be based on the franchise of the same name. It started as a video games developed by the American studio Naughty Dog released in 2007, in which a group of explorers are searching for lost treasure. A movie based on the games, simply named Uncharted, was released in 2022, which served as primary inspiration for the upcoming ride.