Flyover Chicago announces grand opening date

FlyOver Chicago 1
Concept art for Flyover Chicago (© FlyOver Attractions / Persuit)

FlyOver Attractions, a chain of stand-alone flying theatres, is preparing the opening of their newest attraction in Chicago. Flyover Chicago, located on the famous Navy Pier, will be the fifth flying theatre for the chain. The company has recently announced the opening date for the new installation.

The flying theatre was announced in February 2022 for an opening in the second half of 2023. In May 2023, it became known that the opening had to be delayed to the spring of 2024. Flyover Chicago is now scheduled to open on 1 March 2023. The attraction has a similar formula to its predecessors in chain. It features a Brogent Technologies iRide Flying Theatre. The main presentation is called ‘Believe Chicago’ and features aerial images of the city.

Flyover Chicago has currently only announced presentations of Believe Chicago. However, since all other FlyOver locations offer a multitude of flight films throughout the day, it is expected that the Chicago location will also be offering more films at a later stage.

The flying theatre replaces the Navy Pier IMAX film theatre, which was operated by AMC Theatres. It opened back in 1995 and was closed in March 2021 due to financial troubles at the company following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trailer for “Believe Chicago”, the feature film of Flyover Chicago (© Persuit, via YouTube)