Lagotronics Projects and Mack Rides announce Smurfs IP for Gameplay Theater

Gameplay Theater
© Lagotronics Project / Mack Rides

Lagotronics Projects and Mack Rides are teaming up with IP holder IMPS to create a new interactive Smurfs dark ride. The IP will be implemented in the Gameplay Theater, a concept by the two ride manufacturers that has been presented at previous trade shows. The Gameplay Theater combines an endless-chain ride system with immersive interactive media and physical scenes.

The Gameplay Theater features a circular ride system that has riders sitting back to back, facing either inwards or outwards. The cars rotate 180° after each scene and riders make two loops to see all scenes. With each turn, the vehicle will reveal a new scene, providing a story-driven experience. The two companies offer the ride in three sizes, S, M and L, with capacity ranging from 498 to 1224 passengers per hour.

Gameplay Theater
An earlier concept of the Gameplay Theater, showing the principle (© Lagotronics Project / Mack Rides)

Lagotronics Projects and Mack are now collaborating with IMPS and LAFIG Belgium, the official licensors of The Smurfs-brand, to create an off-the-shelf version of the attraction featuring the famous blue characters. “With a brand awareness of 95% worldwide and its key values like family, high quality, fun and creativity it is the perfect IP to cooperate with and create family friendly themed attractions like the Gameplay Theater” state Dirk Engelhardt (Mack Rides) and Tom Bouwens (Lagotronics Projects) in a press-release.

Gameplay Theater
Animated scene for the Smurf’s village (© Lagotronics Project / Mack Rides)

The Smurfs Gameplay Theater will be equipped with Smurf-themed interactive devices so visitors can reveal the different worlds themselves. In the meantime, they can collect points by hitting targets in each scene, competing with their friends and family.

Gameplay Theater
Animated scene of Gargamel’s house (© Lagotronics Project / Mack Rides)

Lagotroncis Projects is familiar with the Smurfs-IP. Swamp Adventure in Smurfs Theme Park (Shanghai, China) is an interactive revolving theatre by the Dutch company. The Gameplay Theater was originally designed with the idea in mind that it could serve as a replacement for Europa-Park’s Journey to Rulantica (commonly known by its previous name, Historama). An interview by Europa-Park for a new ride for the 2025 season sparked rumours that Journey to Rulantica will soon be replaced.