Slagharen announces opening date for Red Bandits Adventure

Artwork for Red Bandits Adventure (© Leisure Expert Group)

Attractiepark Slagharen (Slagharen, The Netherlands) has announced the opening date for their new dark ride ‘Red Bandits Adventure’ today. The rethemed round boat ride will, as stated on the park’s website, open next month on 22 April.

Red Bandits Adventure is a retheme of the former Wild West Adventure, that closed on 6 November of last year. The 22 year old attraction had to make way for a new experience, revolving around the Red Bandits, a ‘notorious gang of crooks’ that were introduced at the park a few years earlier. Slagharen asked the Leisure Expert Group to redesign the attraction. Artwork that was released in January showed that most of the landscaping inside the attraction, such as rockwork, remain, but the scenes itself will be replaced.

Final ride of Wild West Adventure on 6 November 2022 (© Dark Ride Database)
Artwork of Red Bandits Adventure showing the exising rockwork (© Leisure Expert Group)

“In this exciting tour, visitors sail past all kinds of tests that the Red Bandits have set up. Anyone who manages to reach the finish line unscathed can call themselves a real Red Bandit,” says Slagharen in a press-release. Not only the scenes of the attractions were changed. Slagharen turned to IMAscore to provide the attraction with new music. It will be the first cooperation between Slagharen and IMAscore, though sister parks of Slagharen, like Movie Park Germany and Bobbejaanland, have a long term relationship with IMAscore.

A former souvenir shop next to the attraction was will be used as a new entrance for the attraction. The story of the Red Bandits will be introduced in this new queue-area.

The former shop on the right will serve as the new entrance to the attraction (© Dark Ride Database)