Jurassic Park the ride in Universal Studios Japan closing in September

Jurassic Park entrance sign
Entrance sign of Jurassic Park the Ride in Universal Studios Japan (© Roller Coaster Traveller)

Jurassic Park is one of the most beloved franchises of Universal, with every Universal theme park hosting at least one ride themed after the well-known dinosaur park. Nevertheless, today Universal Studios Japan announced the upcoming closure of their popular Jurassic Park ride. The ride will be the second to receive a refurbishment, after the installation in Hollywood. Sunday 3 September will be the ride’s last day of operation.

At the moment, every Universal Park has at least one ride themed to the gigantic dinosaurs, either in Jurassic Park or Jurassic World style. The Orlando, Hollywood and Japan resorts all feature a semi-dark ride boat ride, the Singapore location a river rapid and the Beijing park a full size dark ride. Until about five years ago the three boat rides were copies of each other (although the Japan version was a mirror of the other two). This changed with the retheme of Hollywood’s version to the newer Jurassic World franchise. Now, five years after that change, the Japanese location announced the indefinite closure of their version.

universal studios japan april 2015 55
The final splashdown of the Japanese version (© Roller Coaster Traveller)

Universal Studios announced that the ride will be refurbished starting Monday 4 September. The refurbishment is expected to take until early 2025. It is yet not known for certain what the refurbishment will consist of. Whether the refurbished ride will be a Jurassic World upgrade, like the version in Hollywood, or something completely new will remain a secret until later. Until then, visitors will be able to visit the Jurassic Park ride until Sunday September 3th.