Welcome to the Dark Ride Database

Theme parks are known for a variety of rides, such as rollercoasters, water rides and carousels. One popular type of theme park rides are dark rides. These rides consist of a transportation system that takes riders through a building with a number of scenes. Dark rides are often highly immersive rides and contain a lot of theming. The purpose of this website is to create an overview of all dark rides in the world, and collect as much information as possible about these rides. In doing so, we try to share information on ride systems, animatronics, theming, design and technical installations, as well as information of the manufacturers of all these elements.

Along with the dark rides, this website also collects information about related types of rides. Such are semi-dark rides, transportation systems taking place in the open air for a part of the ride time, but which contain an enclosed building with scenes at one point in the ride. Another category of related rides is the category that we dubbed ‘show rides’. These are rides like madhouses, simulators, interactive theatres, and flying theatres and 3D films. They share their sense for immersiveness and storytelling with the general (semi)-dark ride, but they do not contain a transportation system moving throughout a building.

A dark ride or show ride only counts when riders have an indicated spot. This can be either a seat, or an indicated or implied spot on the floor to stand. Rides in which guests are allowed to roam around freely while the ride is in motion do not qualify for the Dark Ride Database.

Besides creating the overview of the rides, this website is also dedicated to publishing news items and specials about rides and/or manufacturers. When we opened our website on 1 April 2020, we only focussed on existing rides in Europe, as part of Phase I of our website. Since then two new phases have been launched: “The Americas” on 1 October 2020 and “The rest of the world” on our first anniversary. Since 1 April 2022, our second anniversary, the database also includes an ‘archive’ with dark rides and show rides that don’t exist any longer. Our latest expansion to date came in February 2023, when we added manufacturer pages.

(Semi) dark- and showrides

Rides in the Dark Ride Database are divided in three categories: dark rides, semi-dark rides and show rides. See below the three categories and the various of types of dark and show rides. Here, we also share definitions of our statuses and features. If you have any questions about these definitions, please e-mail us at [email protected].

The definition of a dark ride is a ride that contains a transportation system that takes its riders through a building where a variety of scenes are displayed. A dark ride is (almost) completely enclosed. The station may be located outside of the building (for example: It’s A Small World in Disneyland Paris, France), but no ride elements should take place outside. If a bigger part of the ride or specific elements take place outside of the dark ride building, the ride will be categorized as a semi-dark ride. Small exception to this rule are balconies, that are often found on ghost trains. The balcony is usually out in the open, but small and usually contains no elements. These rides will still categorize as a dark ride. Some non-ghost train dark rides may also feature a small outdoor section and still qualify as a dark ride.

A Semi-Dark Ride is a transportation system that contains of parts with and without dark ride scenes. Most notable, semi-dark rides have large parts that are outdoor, or that do not contain scenes. Enclosed rides with major parts in the dark, without scenes (usually enclosed roller coasters), will classify as as semi-dark ride as long as the ride passes through at least two dark ride scenes. See below in paragraph 3 the definition of a ‘scene’.

(Semi) dark rides are divided in seven types:

1.1 Car ride
Most dark rides are car rides. Cars follow a specific track or path through the building. These cars can be on the ground, suspended, track based or trackless. A car ride generally contains one single vehicle, or two vehicles where a second car attached as a ‘trailer’. When more then two cars are attached to each other, the ride will qualify as either a train ride or an endless chain.

1.2 Train ride
When the transport system consists out of a combination of more than two cars, the ride classifies as a train ride. It is not necessary for the cars to look like a train, as long as the cars are attached to each other.

1.3 Endless chain
An endless chain consists of multiple cars that are all attached to each other and make an infinite loop of cars. These cars won’t stop during normal operations. If one car needs to stop, the complete ride will come to a halt. An omnimover is a specific type of endless chain, see the definition of the feature in paragraph 5.

1.4 Boat ride
Another common dark ride type is the boat ride. This means any type of dark ride that uses a vehicle floating on liquid to transport its riders. This can be both a guided system, like a tow boat system, or a free floating ride system. Boat rides may contain splashes along the way, and some Log Flumes and Rapid Rivers also fall under this category.

1.5 Rollercoaster
Some rollercoasters are partly or completely enclosed and heavily themed. If they contain scenes, they a regarded as (semi)-dark ride. To count as a (semi-)dark ride, the ride comply to the rules for a scene.

1.6 Tower ride
In some rare occasions, a system of a tower ride ride has been fitted in a setting that counts as a dark ride, e.g. includes at least two scenes. A tower ride is a transportation system that will move its riders in a vertical direction.

The definition of a show ride is a ride that is completely enclosed, but do not feature a transportation system. Instead, they do need to feature a certain ride system, though this ride system does not move guests along a ride path. Show rides focus on a certain type of show (that varies between types) and tell a story. Show rides are often highly immersive and contain a special ride system to simulate a certain feeling or vision. Rides that do not feature a ride system (walk-throughs, fun houses and standing theatres) are excluded from this category.

2.1 Madhouse
The Madhouse consists of a large swing, hosting riders, inside a rotating room. By programming both in a sophisticated way, it creates the illusion of guests being turned upside down. The first modern madhouse was a development of the haunted swing and opened in 1996 (Villa Volta, Efteling). Both modern madhouses and haunted swings are counted in the ‘madhouse’ category, with haunted swing being a specific feature (see paragraph 5)

2.2 Simulator
A large group of show rides is created by the ‘simulator’ category. Over the years, various types of simulators have been developed. A simulator usually shows a video, combined with movement of the ride system. A range of features is used to diversify between types of simulators, such as Immersive Tunnel, Motion Simulator and Astroliner (see paragraph 5)
There is a more strict rule for simulators that revolve around VR to qualify for the database. A VR simulator only qualifies for an entry if the storytelling reaches beyond the multimedia (such as the use of a pre-show).

2.3 Flying Theatre
A Flying Theatre is a specific type of motion simulator that is characterised by a large dome screen. Riders are placed in multiple rows facing the screen, generally showing movies that give its riders the sensation of flying.

2.4 Interactive Theatre
The interactive theatre is a cinema-like show ride. Every chair in the theatre has its own weapon and lets all riders simultaneously shoot at the screen.

2.5 Revolving theatre
A revolving theatre is a type of show ride where rotation of either the seating area or the scenes enables the creation of a show with multiple sets. Seating configuration can vary: sometimes riders sit on a rotating platform amidst a circle of scenes, sometimes on a circular platform surrounding a rotating set of scenes, or sometimes on a small platform facing one of the scenes on a circular platform.

2.6 3D Film
A 3D film is a ride using a cinema-like setting for riders to watch a movie using 3D glasses. A 3D film is also a show ride, as some of these installations contain immersive storytelling via pre-shows and theming. A 3D theater with movement in the chairs (reaching from freedom movement to vibrations) will qualify for an entry in this category. 3D theaters without moving chairs are excluded from the database because of the lack of a dedicated ride system.
Websites and parkmaps may list a 3D film under the film that is showing. If the theatre has a specific name, usually found on the building (such as “3D Cinema”), we prefer to refer to that name instead.

An indoor ride does not automatically qualify as a (semi-)dark ride. To qualify, the ride must contain at least two scenes. There can be a lot of discussion on the definition of a scene. The Dark Ride Database uses the characteristics below to define a scene.

  • A scene tries to tell you a story or part of a story.
  • A scene has moving objects or projections.
  • A scene contains sound effects and/or a soundtrack.
  • A scene has its own lighting. Daylight is not the main lightsource in the scene.
  • A scene has its own room inside the building. The walls of the room are decorated according to the scene.

With these characteristics, we try to filter rides that contain attributes along the ride, from those that contain real scenes. Not every scene in a dark ride will contain all the elements listed above, but usually a dark ride will contain all of them at some point. Indoor rollercoasters like Vogel Rok (Efteling, Netherlands) and Hyperspace Mountain (Disneyland Paris, France) pass attributes during the ride, but lack a real scene inside its own room.

Next to the discussion on what defines a scene, one can also argue about the length of one scene. In other words: when does a ride contain two scenes, or just one large scene? A second scene is defined when there is no point in the ride that a scene can be seen in its entirety. That might also be one large diorama which is too long to view from one point.

Every listing has a specified status, stating whether a ride is operational, closed, or anything in-between. There are five different possible statuses:

Operating – The ride is currently operational

Rethemed – The incarnation of the ride is rethemed to such an extent that the ride is considered a new entry (see below for definition)

Relocated – The entire ride, including both ride system and (a part of) the scenery, is relocated to another park.

SBNO – Standing But Not Operating. The ride still exists, but is no longer operational.

Closed – The ride is closed for good

Especially important is the element or rethemes. As described in the introduction of this page, entries on the Dark Ride Database rely heavily on the combination of ride system and scenery. Therefore, a retheme results in a completely new ride experience, even I the ride system remains untouched. A rethemed dark ride or show ride might be considered a new entry, based on the following criteria.

A (Semi-)Dark Ride is considered rethemed when it meets all three criteria below:

  • The ride receives a new name (or subname)
  • The theme or storyline of the ride changed
  • Scenes have been altered to fit the new theme/storyline

A Show Ride is considered rethemed when it meets all four criteria below:

  • The ride receives a new name (or subname)
  • The old or the new incarnation contains specific theming in the queue line and/or pre-show to enhance the themed experience
  • The theme or storyline of the ride changed
  • Scenes have been altered to fit the new theme/storyline

Note that a (semi) dark ride or show ride might be rethemed in such a way that it loses its entry. That happens when for example when a semi-dark ride is rethemed in such a way that only one scene remains (or non at all). In that case the ride’s status is still ‘rethemed’, even though the new version is not included in the Dark Ride Database.

A ride that was rethemed will always keep the ‘rethemed’-status, even if the new installation is later closed for good.

Ride pages contain a ‘Features’ section. This section sums up specific elements or characteristics of that ride. Below you can see a list of all possible features and their definition.

  • 3D multimedia – Can be used for any type of ride. These ride features 3D multimedia that requires riders to wear special 3D glasses.
  • Astroliner – Type of simulator. The astroliner uses 2 degrees of freedom: tilting and rolling. It’s one of the oldest of all simulator types.
  • Free floating – One of two possible types of boat rides. The boat is guided through a canal and propelled by the streaming of the water.
  • Ghost Train – A type of dark ride, generally a car ride. The ghost train was, together with the Tunnel of Love, one of the very first dark ride types that existed. A ghost train is car ride that takes you through a number of scenes that try to scare you, often with jump scares. All rides that are executed with the classic feel of a ghost train will receive the ‘Ghost Train’ feature.
  • Haunted swing – An early type of madhouse. The haunted swing is characterized generally by year of construction (before 1996), but also by the relatively small size of the swing compared to modern madhouses.
  • Immersive tunnel – Type of simulator. An immersive tunnel uses a vehicle that is placed inside a room with projection screens (almost) 360° around the vehicle.
  • Interactive – Can be used for any type of ride. This ride has interactive elements where riders have influence on the ride experience.
  • Live actors – Can be used for any type of ride. At some point in this experience, you will encounter actors. This may be in a pre-show.
  • Log Flume – Type of boat ride. The log flume is a water ride where riders might get wet, and uses long boats where riders (generally) sit behind each other to go along a course with steep drops.
  • Motion-based – Feature for car rides. Seats on the cars, or the cars themselves, can move with six degrees of freedom.
  • Motion simulator – Type of simulator. Riders take place in a cabin that can move into several directions, simulation a certain motion.
  • Omnimover – Variant of the Endless Chain. The difference between a regular endless chain and omnimover is the fact that omnimover cars can rotate 360 degrees on their axis.
  • On ride photo – Can be used for any type of ride. This ride contains an on ride photo that can usually be bought after the ride.
  • Pre-show – Can be used for any type of ride. This ride contains one or more pre-shows, where guests are stopped in a certain room dedicated to this pre-show, before they enter the ride or main show.
  • River rapids – Type of boat ride. River rapids is a water ride where riders might get wet, and uses circular where riders face each other to go along a course with waves and splashes.
  • Robocoaster – Specific type of car ride. This dark ride system contains seats on a robotic arm, moving its riders in various directions during the ride.
  • Splash – Feature of a boat ride. The ride contains a descent into water. Riders might get wet.
  • Suspended – Type of car ride. This car ride is not ground based, but cars are suspended underneath the track.
  • Tow-boat – One of two possible types of boat rides. All boats in this type of boat ride are connected to a cable. This cable guides all boats through the ride.
  • Trackless – Type of car ride. This ground based car ride has no visible guide rail for the cars to follow.
  • Tunnel of love – Type of free floating boat ride. The Tunnel of Love was, together with the Ghost Train, one of the very first dark ride types that existed. A tunnel of love is a classic and nostalgic boat ride. Only original classic rides from before 1930 will receive the ‘Tunnel of Love’ feature.
  • Virtual reality – Can be used for any type of ride. The riders are required to wear virtual reality headgear for the ride experience, or have an option for a VR-experience.


Since the start of 2023 DRdb has separate pages available for companies. These pages consist of information needed to get to know the company, as well as an overview of the rides they worked on. Below, you find definitions of different types of products and manufacturers. Here, you can also find more information on our DRdb partner programme.

We separate companies on the basis of the type of products they offer. A product can either be a physical product that is used to construct the ride, or a service which is offered to either work on the ride or add to the ride.

1.1 Turnkey development
Turnkey development is a service in which a single company takes over the entire responsibility for the design and delivery of the ride. The turnkey provider is responsible for design and construction of the ride, which often entails subcontracting the right partners to make the ride happen. This way the park only has a single partner to work with.

1.2 Design
Design is the creative process needed to bring the ride to live. In terms of dark rides, design entails the design of the complete experience, thus the combination of elements like ride system, theming and animatronics . This includes concept design, detailed design and/or technical design. Technical design of the workings of only a ride system, or a single animatronic, is not regarded as ‘design’ in this respect and falls under its own category of manufacturing.

1.3 Ride system
The ride system is the mechanical system used to seat and transport guests. This can either be a transport system in case of (semi)dark rides or a special ride system to for example simulate something in case of show rides.

1.4 Theming
Theming refers to the production of props and sets. This means all kind of sets meant to create the setting of a dark ride.

1.5 Animatronics
Animatronics are moving figures, generally depicting humans or animals. They are a major part in many dark rides, populating the sets riders pass through.

1.6 Media
Companies producing media create images and animations used in various parts of a dark or show ride which features a projection or LED screen.

1.7 Music
Composing of a music score which is custom made for a dark or show ride. When a ride uses a score that already existed, no composer is referred to.

1.8 Interactive systems
Interactive systems can be used in dark rides and show rides. They generally consist of interactive devices, targets and systems controlling the combination of these two.

1.9 Technical installations
Technical installations are all other installations which are used in the ride to enhance the immersive experience of a dark or show ride. This can range from lighting, to speakers, to smell and show control systems.

1.10 Products
Product pages are available for companies participating in the DRdb Partner Programme. They show a specific product from a manufacturer, which can be used for multiple rides.

The term ‘company’ is used for any party supplying parts of a dark or show ride. There is however a subdivision in the type of companies, which is explained below.

2.1 Company
A company is a legal entity formed by a group of individuals or entities to engage in various business activities.

2.2 Person
A person is a sole individual who supplies a part or parts of a ride. In the Dark Ride Database, persons are used when a single person made a defining contribution to a project or ride, such as being the art director, the lead engineer or music composer. Well-known examples are John Williams, Tony Baxter and John Wardley.

2.3 Park
Sometimes a park does all or some parts of the development of a ride in-house. In these cases the park is acknowledged as the provider of the product.

Since the start of 2023, the Dark Ride Database launched the DRdb partner programme. These DRdb partners are companies which work with us to provide everyone with the best and most accurate information on the rides they worked on. As part of the DRdb partner programme there are several advantages which we offer these companies:

DRdb partners are:

  1. Allowed to have more information on their company pages such as media (pictures and video), a visible company logo and contact information;
  2. Allowed to have product pages to display which products they offer to costumers as part of their product portfolio. These products are also visible in the ride listings which they are used on. A product can either be a physical product or a service they offer to their customers;
  3. In control of their own company and product pages. They can add information or media from any place at any time. Please note that we do check this information when it is changed and verified manufacturers are not able to make any changes to ride pages;

Any company active in the industry of dark rides can join the DRdb partner programme. For more information on this, contact us at [email protected].

User input

The Dark Ride Database relies on its users for a great part of the information on its website. You can notify our team with any updates of information, pictures or even by adding new rides to the database.

You can notify the editors of the Dark Ride Database by using the correct forms through this link. You can also add information to existing rides by clicking on the button ‘Submit Information’ on the page of the particular ride. If you want to add a new ride to the database, you can use the ‘Submit Ride Information’ button on the top right corner of this website or the main menu on your mobile device. Try to add sources or explain how you got the information to your submission. This makes it easier for the editors to verify correct information.

The editors of the Dark Ride Database will look at the information you provide and will let you know the result of your submission. Before submitting, please read the submission agreement. If you have any questions on submitting information to the database, please e-mail the editors on [email protected].

When the information or pictures that you added to the database gets published, it will be part of the database for an indefinite time. You can request the removal of information or pictures by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. The editors will judge your request and notify you about the follow-up. Due to the informative nature of this website, it is not likely that information will be removed. However in the following cases, your request is likely to be accepted:

  • Faulty information. Usually this can be handled by filling in the ‘Adding information’ form, but in some cases direct contact with editors will be needed;
  • Plagiarism. This may apply to the free information boxes (description, history, etc.) on the ride pages;
  • When a picture that you own got uploaded to the database without your permission.
  • When you or a minor child in your custody are clearly visible and the subject of a picture;

Requests for the removal of information or pictures will only be dealt with if they are sent in through e-mail to the editors on [email protected]. Please write a clear e-mail with who you are, what information or pictures you want to have taken off our website and why. Anonymous requests will be ignored.

About us

The Dark Ride Database was started by three theme park fans from The Netherlands: Erik, Johan and Luc. Together with friends we have visited several theme parks all over Europe. Dark rides have always been the highlight of these visits, however, we soon found out that it is hard to find information about dark rides online. We have been speculating about it for quite some time, but eventually we decided to start the Dark Ride Database.

As of 2023 the Dark Ride Database is officially registered at the Dutch chamber of commerce as a foundation, thus becoming an official entity for partners to co-operate with. The goal of the Dark Ride Database Foundation is to promote and publish knowledge and know-how about rides in the field of themed entertainment, related stakeholders and related locations. Since this registration, we offer Dark Ride Database-related services to interested parties. This includes, but is not limited to, the DRdb Partner Programme. More information can be found on our DRdb Business Page.

Name: Johan

Location: The Netherlands
Occupation: Service Integration Manager
DRdb occupation: Website-, Business developer and Editor
What is your favorite Theme Park?
I always think: “it is not the Efteling right?” But every time I come back there after an international trip I am amazed by the quality of the park. So it would be easy to just say Efteling. I’m also a huge fan of Disneyland Anaheim. The amount and quality of dark rides in that park is amazing. An for good measure, let’s also add Warner Bros. Movie World Abu Dhabi.
What is your favorite (Semi-)Dark Ride?
Rise of the Resistance is hands down the best dark ride on this planet. Not only because of the amazing ride, but it’s one of the most well rounded and fleshed out stories I’ve ever experienced on a dark ride. Everything you see, feel and hear, from the start of the queue to the moment you exit the ride is part of the overall story. It’s amazing.
What is your favorite Show Ride?
I used to not like these kinds of rides a lot, but ever since looking more into this category I’ve taken a liking to them. My favorites are Voletarium, This is Holland an Hulk Epsilon Base. The last one really surprised me a lot!

Name: Erik

Location: The Netherlands
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
DRdb occupation: Editor
What is your favorite Theme Park?
For years my favorite park was Warner Bros. Movie World Germany and when it transited to Movie Park Germany I tried to keep it that way, but did not succeed. Currently my favorite park is Phantasialand in Germany. However, I still have a soft spot for Movie Park Germany.
What is your favorite (Semi-)Dark Ride?
I became an instant fan of the new Piraten in Batavia in Europa-Park (Germany). Other rides that are definatelly between my favourites are Justice League: Battle for Metropolis (rode the one in Six Flags Great Adventure) and Fata Morgana (Efteling).
What is your favorite Show Ride?
I always enjoy show rides that have a longer storytelling, such as Madhouses and some simulators. Villa Volta (Efteling) Star Tours (Disneyland Paris) and Time Riders (Movie Park Germany) are definately among my favourites.

Name: Luc

Location: The Netherlands
Occupation: Landscape Architect
DRdb occupation: Editor
What is your favorite Theme Park?
Eeerm…. Well, I can’t really choose. As home parks I really love being in the Efteling or Toverland, but apart from that I love the rides in Phantasialand, the atmosphere in Tivoli or Europa-Park, the landscaping in PortAventura and Alton Towers and the theming of Disneyland Paris. If I have to pick a favorite among them, that would probably be Europa-Park.
What is your favorite (Semi-)Dark Ride?
Difficult choice as well…. My favorite rides are Fata Morgana (Efteling), Phantom Manor (Disneyland Paris) and I Corsari (Gardaland); all of them are beautiful long dark rides with a very good atmosphere throughout the entire ride.
What is your favorite Show Ride?
That would be Hex (Alton Towers)! I love madhouses for their combination of theming, storyline and technical illusion. And a madhouse inside an actual historic castle is definitely my favorite!Caribbean

Name: Steven

Location: England
Occupation: Calibration Engineer
DRdb occupation: Editor
What is your favorite Theme Park?
I’ve got two clear favourites at the moment, which are Liseberg and Dollywood. Their quality of attractions combined with incredible atmospheres and stunning natural scenery really make them stand out for me, though admittedly they both have a little catching up to do on the dark ride front!
What is your favorite (Semi-)Dark Ride?
I would have struggled to give a singular answer to this until reasonably recently, but right now it’s Magic Gallery at Oriental Heritage Changsha (also now found at a few other Fantawild Resorts in China). It’s amazingly detailed, has a highly refreshing narrative and gives a very lengthy ride time that’s just packed with almost every effect and feature that makes a dark ride special.
When it comes to semi-dark rides I don’t think Revenge of the Mummy (Universal Studios Singapore specifically) has been topped by anyone for that powerful combination of epic dark ride and thrilling rollercoaster. It’s the one attraction that sparked my passion for both of those types of attractions and really led me to where I am today.
What is your favorite Show Ride?
Can I cheat and say Jinshan Temple Showdown? It’s a special combination of dark ride attraction and show (again found at various Fantawild Resorts) that ends with guests leaving the vehicle and experiencing an intense and wondrous spectacle of theatrics as a culmination of the storyline.
If not I’ll have to go for another Hex (Alton Towers) shout out both for being a childhood favourite and having the historical ambience that sets it apart from other Madhouses, plus an honourable mention for Myth (Visionland parks) for taking the physical hardware and storytelling of Flying Theatres to another level for me.

Name: Jim

Location: The Netherlands
Occupation: Graphic Design
DRdb occupation: Editor
What is your favorite Theme Park?
I like most European parks that focus on theming and have grown over a long period of time. Efteling, Phantasialand and Europa-Park for instance.
What is your favorite (Semi-)Dark Ride?
Without a doubt Fata Morgana at Efteling. Geister Rikscha (Phantasialand) and Indiana River (Bobbejaanland) are up there as well. Generally, anything involving animatronics is bound to catch my interest, preferably Omnimovers.
What is your favorite Show Ride?
All Mad Houses and Time Riders (Movie Park Germany).

Name: Quintus

Location: The Netherlands
Occupation: audiovisual designer
DRdb occupation: Editor
What is your favorite Theme Park?
I actually don’t have a alltime favourite, but I do tend to prefer parks with intersting history, even though these are mostly considerderd “B-parks”. Movie Park Germany is one of the parks I tend to enjoy a lot when visiting, but is it my favourite? Not sure.
What is your favorite (Semi-)Dark Ride?
Fata Morgana has to take that cake, it is a big classic that even beats out PotC in Dlp in my opinion. The soundtrack is great and the scenery is phenomenal, with a great line of suspense and mystery through the attraction. 
What is your favorite Show Ride?
Time Riders grew on me, but I have to go with Arctic-1, great sense of humour! A true underrated classic.

Name: Will

Location: California, United States
Occupation: Instructional Technology Specialist
DRdb occupation: Editor
What is your favorite Theme Park?
My favorite park is my home park, Disneyland, but I would absolutely love to visit Efteling one day.
What is your favorite (Semi-)Dark Ride?
It’s so hard to just pick one because there are so many amazing rides at so many amazing places, but growing up in Southern California, I have fond memories of a lot of “classic” rides such as Knott’s Berry Farm’s Kingdom of the Dinosaurs or Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, but I would say my current favorite ride is Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure. To me it encapsulates all the best parts a dark ride can offer, despite not even being a fan of the IP it’s based on.
As far as rides I’ve only seen videos of, I suspect Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure at Shanghai Disneyland will become my new favorite (if I ever get to visit there and ride it).
What is your favorite Show Ride?
I love anything that has animatronics, so something like America Sings or Carousel of Progress seem like a perfect choice, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Captain EO.

Name: Peter

Location: UK
Occupation: Theme park AV technician
DRdb occupation:
What is your favorite park Theme Park?
I have a huge love for Efteling, it’s my favourite style and the park masters its craft. But Spookslot was my favourite attraction there (some may laugh!) and my recent trip to Florida has got me in love with the Disney parks again, so Magic Kingdom tops it for me. I still plan to visit Anaheim. I also have to mention Europa-Park, Phantasialand and Animal Kingdom!
What is your favorite (Semi-)Dark Ride?
If I had to choose one I’d say Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris. It isn’t the most epic anymore, or even a theme I have a personal attachment to, but it is very special. I could spend all day going around it in the dark. On a completely different note I also loved Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom for its really thrilling pace and ride system. There are so many incredible dark rides in the world I love, but to me these 3 are the most fun over and over again!
What is your favorite Show Ride?
Carousel of Progress. During the very long show, I found it impressive, boring, irritating and ultimately fascinating. I hope it stays on planet earth forever.

Name: Dave

Location: Dubai
Occupation: Sound recordist
DRdb occupation:
What is your favorite park Theme Park?
Warner Bros. Movie World Abu Dhabi 
What is your favorite (Semi-)Dark Ride?
This used to be Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, but since I haven’t been able to ride it after the refurbishment I’ll have to go with Scooby Doo in Warner Bros. Movie World Abu Dhabi
What is your favorite Show Ride?
Hulk Epsilon Base at IMG Worlds of Adventure