Since 2023, Dark Ride Database has expanded its activities beyond only a database and news website. We are now an online platform, offering a range of services to extend your online presence. We invite companies in the realm of dark- and show rides for a direct partnership, or ask for our other services which gain you access to our extensive knowledge and expertise in the realm of dark- and show rides.

Dark Ride Database partner programme

In today’s digital era, discovering and being discoverable on the internet stands as a paramount necessity. Dark Ride Database comprehends the criticality of this aspect, and our mission is to make the companies working on dark rides and show rides as visible as possible. We offer our unwavering support for your company to showcase your products and projects on our website. But our services extend beyond mere visibility; we are dedicated to ensuring that those who locate you obtain the most precise and comprehensive information relevant to their search.

What do we offer

The DRdb Partner Program presents you with the opportunity to enhance your company page significantly. In contrast to companies that are not part of this partnership, you not only maintain complete autonomy over your company page but also enjoy an extensive and enriched version of it. This not only facilitates greater discoverability for your company but also ensures that your presence is associated with the right attributes. Here are the key highlights of a partnered manufacturer:

Full control

By participating in our partnership offer, you gain complete control over your manufacturer page. DRdb offers a user-friendly editor with an intuitive interface, making it accessible for everyone within your company to edit the company page from any device and location. Should any issues arise, DRdb is readily available to provide assistance and support as needed.

Product pages
As a manufacturer partner, you’ll have the opportunity to craft dedicated pages for the products you offer, such as various ride systems and different types of design work. These product pages will be seamlessly linked to both your company page and the specific ride pages where the product is utilised. It’s important to highlight that product pages can also be utilised for ride concepts, even in cases where they have not yet been installed.

Contact information
You’ll have the capability to input your company’s website URL, as well as provide a general phone number and email address for contacting your company.

Extended description and history
In the non-partnered version of manufacturer pages, there is limited space available for essential company details. However, in the partnership version, you gain access to a comprehensive text editor. This editor allows you to showcase your company with a personalised narrative and incorporate visuals as needed to enrich your story.

Exclusively available on the pages of partner manufacturers is a dedicated photo gallery for your company. You can upload up to 50 pictures, each with a maximum size of 1MB, using our user-friendly upload tool. This tool is compatible with any device and accessible from any location, allowing you to quickly share pictures of recently opened rides. The same flexibility applies to video content, as the page supports various external sources for videos, including platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Our current partners

To offer the best value to our partners, our aim is to forge a strong connection with each of them. Below are examples of the partners we work with and the product pages which we have supplied for thier companies. 

Want to join?

Reach out to us and embark on the journey to elevate dark rides to even greater heights. Together, we can enhance their discovery, visibility, and the dissemination of information about the extraordinary world of dark rides.

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