Red Bandits Adventure opens in Attractiepark Slagharen

Red Bandits Adventure
Slagharen’s CEO Dave Storm (middle) with the Red Bandits (© Dark Ride Database)

After a closure of nearly 6 months, Attractiepark Slagharen opened its new dark ride Red Bandits Adventure today. The new attraction is a retheme of the former Wild West Adventure-dark ride. The park opened the attraction today with a press-event, followed by the official opening for visitors.

Wild West Adventure officially closed on November 6 to make way for the new experience. “This ride, 22 years ago, was fantastic. Many people loved it. I think it is time to bring it to new times and make something that fits the current” said Slagharen’s CEO Dave Storm to the DRdb about the closure of Wild West Adventure.

The new experience was designed by Leisure Expert Group and revolves around the Red Bandits, a group of outlaws that have been part of Attractiepark Slagharen’s street entertainment for many years now. The new storyline revolves around several challenges that new recruits must perform to join the ranks of the Red Bandits. Most of the landscaping, mainly rockwork, remained during the retheme, but the scenes themselves were completely stripped to fit the new storyline.

Red Bandits Adventure was presented to the press in the morning, followed by the public opening at noon. A large crowd of Slagharen fans had gathered to see the new attraction. Team Dark Ride Database was present during the opening. A full report and video of the new attraction will follow soon.

Red Bandits Adventure
The new entrance to the attraction in the building of the souvenir shop
Red Bandits Adventure opening
The crowd, waiting for the opening
Red Bandits Adventure opening
The ribbon being cut by CEO Dave Storm and the alderman of Hardenberg

Interior scenes of Red Bandits Adventure