Oriental Heritage Yingtan – the latest park from Fantawild opens today

Opening announcement on park website © fangte.com

Chinese theme park operator and attraction designer Fantawild continues their long streak of opening new theme parks throughout the region as another Oriental Heritage branded park opens to guests in Yingtan (Jiangxi Province, China) today (Sept 9). The park contains six known dark rides, with each having debuted at another location within the chain.

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Promotional image for the Boonie Bear Theater © fangte.com

Amongst the six known dark ride attractions, three are all featuring the Boonie Bear characters, a highly popular media franchise and IP distributed by Fantawild throughout the world. These consist of a revolving theatre, water dark ride and interactive dark ride, which will all be operating at Oriental Heritage Yingtan.

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Promotional image for Legend of Nuwa © fangte.com

One of the star attractions for the park will be Legend of Nuwa. This motion-based 4D dark ride was the third generation of this ride system from Fantawild, originally debuting at Oriental Heritage Jinan in 2015 and has been a staple of each park of this particular brand ever since.

Other attractions include the usual ‘Let’s Fly‘ Flying Theatre and perhaps most strikingly ‘Magic Gallery‘, a newer dark ride within the chain which also appears to have received a completely new entrance design at this location. Whether any other differences will be present in these attractions is now yet known, but will be updated on our database as and when we learn more.