Bollywood Parks Dubai announces sudden closure

Bollywood Parks Dubai
Closure announcement on Instagram (© Dubai Parks and Resorts)

Bollywood Parks Dubai, a theme park in the United Arab Emirates with 5 DRdb-noted attractions, has suddenly announced its closure. The closure of the park was announced this morning on Bollywood Parks Dubai’s Instagram account. The announcement marks 20 April 2023 (today) as the final operating date, however the park has been closed since the beginning of Ramadan.

Bollywood Parks Dubai opened in November 2016 as one of three parks at the same location owned by Dubai Parks and Resorts (the others being Motiongate and Legoland Dubai). The park was set in a Bollywood-theme, with many rides referring to movies from the genre. Most of the attractions in the park were designed by Mycotoo, a design company who was also in charge of many of the designs for sister-park Motiongate.

Sholay: The Hunt for Gabbar Singh was the only dark ride of the park. The interactive attraction, which featured a ride system by ETF Ride Sytems, was based on the 1975 film Sholay, which took inspiration from western movies. Guests on this dark ride were asked to help find and defeat the infamous bandit Gabbar Singh.

Onride video of Sholay: The Hunt for Gabber Singh (by Theme Park Insider on YouTube)

The Krrish-movie franchise (2006) was represented with a flying theatre, called Krrish: Hero’s Flight. Visitors were invited to test out a new cable car express. Disaster occured when lightning struck and the riders were saved by a super hero named Krrish.

The park also featured 2 simulators. Riders of Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory took place on a motion platform simulator and became part of a fantasy-cricket game. The attraction was based on the movie by the same name. Immersive tunnel Don: The Chase, based on the movie Don (2006), took riders on a police-car chase. The immersive tunnel was built by Holovis. The fifth entry of Bollywood Parks Dubai was a 3D-film called RA.One Unleashed, based on the superhero-movie RA.One (2011).

Dubai Parks and Resorts announced a new partnership with Real Madrid for a football inspired theme park last November. Sources say that Bollywood Parks Dubai will be rethemed into a Real Madrid-licensed theme park.