Morgan’s Wonderland to open all inclusive 4D motion ride by SimEx Iwerks

Morgan's Wonderland SimEx-Iwerks experience
Promotional image for Morgan’s Wonderland new all-inclusive 4D motion ride (© SimEx-Iwerks)

Today SimEx-Iwerk Entertainment and Morgan’s Wonderland announced a partnership to produce the a new immersive cinematic experience for the San Antonio based theme park. SimEx-Iwerks will supply a custom-designed motion seat ride experience. The new attraction, of which the name is yet unknown, is set to open in the spring of 2024.

Morgan’s Wonderland opened in 2010 and is part of Morgan’s, a nonprofit organization which aims to offer ultra-accessible, fully inclusive endeavors for individuals with disabilities and special needs, while also being available for the general public. Beyond Morgan’s Wonderland, the organization also offers multiple other venues such as Morgan’s Inspiration Island splash park, Morgan’s Sports Complex, Morgan’s Camp and Morgan’s Multi-Assistance Center (MAC), all aimed at being ultra-accessible for all. Gordan Hartman, founder of Morgan’s, was inspired by his daughter, Morgan Hartman, who herself is a person with special needs. “Gordon and Maggie Hartman resolved to create a fun, colorful, barrier-free environment where those with and without special needs could come together to have fun and better understand each other.” Ever since opening in 2010 the Morgan’s Wonderland attracted over 2 million visitors from over 100 countries.

For their new 2024 expansion Morgan’s is teaming up with SimEx-Iwerks. According to Gordan Harman “SimEx-Iwerks worked closely with us to provide such unique elements for the type of cinematic experience we want to deliver to our guests. Their addition to the experience ensures Ultra Accessibility and Inclusion”.  The new SimEx-Iwerks ride combines special effects such as wind, water mist and lightning with electric actuators to deliver smooth and accurate motion. For riders in wheelchairs SimEx-Iwerks will provide special platforms which include the same range of effects and motions. On top of that visitors have the ability to turn off the motion effects so they can enjoy the attraction to the fullest.

The new attraction launces with the Mars Coaster movie, which will provide guests with a roller coaster-like experience. In this movie guests will be taken closer to the “uncharted depths of space and the extraterrestrial creatures that call Mars home”. The runtime for the movie is approximately 4 minutes.