New show ride for Bad Harzburg castle by Attraktion!

Screenshot 2023 08 03 195704
Concept art for the content production (© Attraktion!)

Today Attraktion! announced the construction of their latest creation, Circulum360. The company has a new ride and ride system which will have its first version opened in Bad Harzburg, Germany later this year. Attraktion! were also responsible for the Hypersphere360 in SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, which opened earlier in 2023 after an collaboration with Intamin.

ErlebenisKantor, which is a combination of HarzVenture, Bocksberg Invest and Kur-, Tourismus- and Wirtschaftsbetriebe of city Bad Harzburg GmbH is set to open the new ride later this year. The attraction will immerse visitors in a world of themed- and media driven sets which will take guests through the history of Bad Harzburg.

Screenshot 2023 08 03 195729
Concept of Bad Harzburg media (© Attraktion!)

To make this happen Attraktion! will debut their latest ride system, Circulum360. This new system uses 3-degrees of freedom and a rotating platform to take guests for a spin. The system can be combined with either 360 degree projections, physical sets or both. The version in Bad Harzburg will use a combination, as show in the picture below. Because of the relative small size of the ride system, it can fit in spaces starting at 65m2 and a room height of 4,5m. Although the version at Bad Harzburg will only have a capacity of 16 guests, the largest version of the ride system can accommodate up to 86 guests per ride cycle.

The ride in Bad Harzburg tells the story of when Heinrich IV, who was the German Emperor between 1056 and 1105, had to flee from his castle in the same town. It will offer guests a thrilling experience which, combined with the pre-show, will take over 15 minutes. No official opening date has been announced yet.