BoldMove presents dark ride concept FUSION

Fusion with logo

FUSION impression (© BoldMove Nation)

Today BoldMove Nation announced it’s latest development, the FUSION interactive media dark ride. The ride is a blend of the well known and addictive gameplay of midway style dark rides such as Toy Story Midway Mania and highly immersive theming. The ride is part of BoldMove’s ‘realise bold ideas with smart moves’ vision.

FUSION came together through the strategic alliance with Polymorph. Both companies came together to combine their experiences in the field of design, theming & production and media into a one-of-a-kind turnkey solution. FUSION’s size has been optimised to stay under 1000 m² (10764 sq. ft.) and is made up of a series of captivating scenes.

BoldMove’s CEO Benoir Cornet, known for his work on Popcorn Revenge and Maus au Chocolat says: “We do believe in infusing proven and popular recipes with new creative perspectives and the exciting yet proven technologies. Visitors want to be immersed in an environment they can enjoy together with their friends and family.”

In FUSION visitors are tasked to stop robotic fluffy creatures from stealing candy from the Art Nouveau style factory. They do this by going from location to location while throwing all kinds of projectiles towards the candy production plundering robots. BoldMove made the conscious choice to not make the story too complex. “However, [visitors] do not want to bother with complex story lines or actions, just embark in their vehicle and get fully submersed in an engaging experience like a theatre or movie. Our creative process starts with this in mind and then defines all required ingredients to make it a successful attraction”, says Cornet.

FUSION lay-out impression (click for hi-res version) (© BoldMove Nation)

The ride has an hourly capacity of over 900 visitors per hour. High-quality theming and flexible media upgrades guarantee a sustainable attraction that will last for decades. The back-to-back seating of the vehicles and mounted interactive devices guarantees an unique experience for each guest. To top that off FUSION will use fully themed and multi-sensory environments featuring media, light & sound, projection and the AI technologies.

Last year saw the opening of BoldMove Nation’s first turnkey project, Champ’Folies at Le Pal, France. This interactive media dark ride makes use of BoldMove’s Smash & Reload concept and “TooMuch” IP. The ride was opened to great acclaim from both the park and visitors, with Arnaud Bennet, CEO of Le Pal stating that: “Champi’Folies is a true family experience that can be played between young children, parents and even grandparents.”