Movieland Park renews simulator: ‘We Are Back: Kids from the Future’

We Are Back: Kids from the Future
Promotional image for We Are Back: Kids from the Future (© Movieland Park)

Movieland Park (Lake Garda, Italy) has renewed its existing simulator ‘Android – The Final 3D Battle’ with a new theme. ‘We Are Back: Kids from the Future‘ is an all new experience, closely related to the Back to the Future-film franchise. The experience opened last Friday, 29 March.

Movieland Park is regional theme park that features a movie-theme. The park operates independently, and is not owned by or owns licenses from a specific movie studio like Universal Studios or Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. Instead, many of the attractions are themed to a specific movie using separate license, or a more general cinematic theme without reference to a specific movie.

We Are Back: Kids from the Future is a new attraction that premiered this weekend at the park. Not much is know at this point yet. Only that the attraction revolves around the children and grandchildren of Dr. Emmet ‘Doc’ Brown, one of the main characters of the film franchise. The attraction is a retheme of the Android – The Final 3D Battle simulator and reuses its ride system, which was manufactured by the Italian Moviemex3D. According to the park’s website, the attraction keeps using 3D multimedia.

Android – The Final 3D Battle opened in 2017 after replacing the Terminator 2 interactive theatre. Riders of that attraction would board a space ship that is meant to evacuate all citizens from Earth, as the planet is invaded by aliens.

Onride video of the now closed ‘Android – The Final 3D Battle’