Tokyo Disney Resort announces names of Fantasy Springs attractions

Fantasy Springs
Concept art of Fantasy Springs (© Disney)

Construction of the biggest expansion of Tokyo DisneySea has been underway since May 2019 and is slated to be finished in the spring op 2024. While some concept art of the rides has been shown on several occasions, no names where know until yesterday. Yesterday however Disney announced the names for the new attractions in Disney’s new Fantasy Springs area.

The new Fantasy Springs area will consist of three themed areas and a hotel. Visitors will be able to visit the well known kingdom of Arendell in the Frozen Kingdom, which features a large sized restaurant (Royal Banquet of Arendelle), a smaller snack shop (Oaken’s OK Foods) and of course the main star, Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey. The frozen themed boat ride will take visitors around the kingdom of Arendelle in a ride over 6,5 minutes long. The ride is rumored to have a lay-out similar to the Frozen dark ride in Epcot.

Screenshot 2023 08 24 210607
Concept art of Frozen kingdom (© Disney)

The second themed area is called Rapunzel’s Forest and will be the first area themed after the popular 2010 Tangled movie. The area will also feature a counter service restaurant called The Snuggly Duckling. In this restaurant visitors are able to eat in several atmospheric area’s taken from the Tangled movie. The main ride in the area will be the Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival boat ride. In this dark ride visitors will be able to accompany Rapunzel on the day she first came to the kingdom of Corona.

Screenshot 2023 08 24 210553
Rapunzel’s Forest concept art (© Disney)

The last area is themed to a movie which has been around for a long time. Every castle park, except for Hong Kong Disneyland, has a Peter Pan dark ride. Often it has one of the longer queues of the parks, and for a good reason, the movie is still incredibly popular. Tokyo Disneysea is the first non-castle park to receive a Peter Pan dark ride. And not just one, but two! The first is going to be Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure. In this six minutes long ride visitors will be able to visit Neverland, riding special motion-based vehicles resembling a pirate ship. It will also be the first Peter Pan themed ride to feature 3d goggles.

The other new ride is going to be the two minute long Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies. This is the fourth dark ride in Fantasy Springs. Four riders at a time will visit Pixie’s home Pixie Hollow to deliver various packages to the fairies living there. Other than the two dark ride the area will also feature the Lookout Cookout.

With the upcoming addition of Fantasy Springs the amount of dark rides in Tokyo Disneysea will increase to nine and 13 entries into the database, the same as the neighboring Tokyo Disneyland.

Screenshot 2023 08 24 210547
Concept art of the Neverland area (© Disney)