Treasure Hunt has opened in Monterey Bay

Treasure Hunt Artwork
Treasure Hunt promotinal image (© Daniels Wood Land / Sally Dark Rides)

After years of development, a new attraction in Monterey Bay (CA, U.S.A.) has finally opened. Treasure Hunt is a 20 minute immersive experience that takes you on a trip through recently discovered caverns below the streets of Cannery Row, in search of the hideout of infamous pirate, Captain Hypolite Bouchard and all the treasure he may have stashed there.

Treasure Hunt is a stand-alone experience, located in a basement of the famous Cannery Row of Monterey Bay. The immersieve experience starts with a story building walkthrough and pre-show, before visitors board the cars of an interactive dark ride. The attraction was designed by Daniels Wood Land and Sally Dark Rides, features a ride system by Gosetto and interactivity by Alterface. Each ride vehicle is designed to accommodate 4 guests who will use their “treasure collectors” to interact with various scenes and physical objects throughout the attraction.

The opening of the attraction was postponed several times after construction delays, but last weekend, it finally welcomed its first guests. According to Ron Daniels, owner and head designer of Treasure Hunt, the first response has been very positive.

Treasure Hunt: The Ride
Ride vehicles for Treasure Hunt: The Ride (© Daniel Wood Land)

The attraction has opened without any grand opening ceremony. The operator is currently ramping up hours and polishing staff in preparation for their official grand opening, that they are aiming to held mid to late July.  

Individual ride tickets are sold on Treasure Hunt’s website, with the option to add a “power up token”. This token will upgrade your treasure collectors into the even more powerful “Deck Cannons”, which can score more points, something rather unique for an interactive dark ride.

Promotional video of Treasure Hunt: The Ride (© Daniel Wood Land on YouTube)