Forbidden Caves in Bobbejaanland remains closed

Forbidden Caves
Entrance to the Forbidden Caves

Bobbejaanland has announced that their simulator Forbidden Caves will remain closed during the 2024 season. The immersive tunnel has experienced many technical issues during its life span. Forbidden Caves will not reopen this year due to its persistent technical problems.

The Forbidden Caves opened in 2015 and was built by Garmendale and Holovis. The story revolves around a cave expedition in search of mysterious crystals that can bring statues to life. After a pre-show explaining the story, visitors board one of two ride vehicles that enter the immersive tunnel for the main show. The pre-show was skipped in later seasons in an attempt to improve the experience and optimize the flow through the attraction.

The attraction has been subjected to many technical issues over the past 8 years. These ultimately led to the decision of the park to keep the attraction closed. In a reaction to Dutch theme park news website the park stated that no decision on the future of the ride has been made and they keep all options open.

The announcement of the closure of the Forbidden Caves comes just days after news of the closure of the Lost Temple in Movie Park Germany, a sister park of Bobbejaanland. The Lost Temple will remain closed this season and is expected to reopen next year in a new theme.

Pre-show room
Ride vehicles
View at the main show
Full onride video of the experience in 2022