Lotte World opens Battlegrounds World Agent based on popular PUBG video game

Opening Pubg BattlegroundsWorldAgent LotteWorld.png
Promotional picture for Battlegrounds World Agent (© Lotte World / Triotech)

Earlier this month, the major Korean theme park Lotte World opened their highly anticipated new ride Battlegrounds World Agent. This new experience takes riders through four different rooms as a walkthrough-experience, of which the theme is based on the video game PUBG: Battlegrounds. Riders are to step into the video game and find themselves on a PUBG Battlefield. Two of the four rooms include an interactive shooting experience, of which one is an interactive theater.

Battlegrounds World Agent is a new hybrid walkthrough/simulator attraction, designed and built by Triotech. Guests will start their adventure aboard a C-130 transport plane on their way to participate in an epic battle they know from the game.  However, debris from an explosion causes the plane to crash land at Sosnovka Military Base, a popular location from the game. Teams of 16 players will then have to navigate threats and enemies during two shooting sequences: one walkthrough and one simulator room. After they escaped, the fourth room of the experience is the ‘safe zone’ after which riders return to the theme park.

“Opening the PUBG: Battlegrounds walkthrough attraction at Lotte World in Seoul is a thrilling moment for us at Triotech. We are excited to share this interactive experience with our client and their guests, and we hope they will enjoy stepping into the world of PUBG like never before.” declared Ernest Yale, President and CEO of Triotech. Mr. Choi, CEO of Lotte World, adds: “We believe that this highly immersive experience with the universe of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS will create unforgettable memories for our guests and is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in entertainment.”

playerunknown battlegrounds esports tournament
Image of PUBG: Battlegrounds (© PUBG)

The PUBG: Battlegrounds video game on which Battlegrounds World Agent is based has become one of the largest online multiplayer games in the world, with over 1 billion downloads and over 100 million monthly active players. Fans of the game highly anticipated the opening of the ride, which took place on 5 May. It is located on the third floor of Lotte World, where it occupies over 750 square meters of the theme park, and is sure to attract gamers and non-gamers alike.