Universal reveals new details of Epic Universe

Universal Epic Universe
Concept art of Universal Epic Universe (© Universal Destinations & Experiences)

It is no secret that Universal is building a third theme park (fourth if you count the Volcano Bay-water park) at its Orlando resort. Construction work of the park, called Universal Epic Universe, is well underway. Though Universal never revealed any details of the new park and information relied on rumors and construction photos. Today, Universal Destinations & Experiences published a video with more details of Epic Universe.

“Universal Epic Universe is comprised of five incredibly themed worlds and in those over 50 unique, compelling experiences,” tells Mark Woodbury, CEO of Universal Destinations & Experiences, in the video. The 7-minute long presentation does not feature any specific announcements of dark and show rides, but does hint towards a few of them in the announcements of each of the five lands of the park.

Universal Epic Universe
Chronos, the portal to Universal Epic Universe (© Universal Destinations & Experiences)

Guests of Universal Epic the park will enter through a portal, called Chronos, into the first area called Celestial Park. This area serves as a hub for the rest of the park. All other lands are accessible from Celestial Park via their own portals that transport guests into another universe.

How To Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk is based on the Dreamworks-film franchise. The area currently has no (semi-) dark or show rides planned, but might include two scenes during the rollercoaster. In Dark Universe guests are immersed in the world of classic monster movies that made Universal famous in the ’30s of the previous century. Famous characters like Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster are brought to life. Rumours of a Robocoaster-dark ride (similar to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey) has been surfacing for a while.

Universal Epic Universe
The portal to Dark Universe (© Universal Destinations & Experiences)

After Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Orlando and Hogsmeade in Island of Adventure, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic will complete a trilogy of Harry Potter theme zones in Orlando. This zone, which is themed around the 1920’s Paris ara seen in the Fantastic Beasts franchise is rumored to contain a dark ride set in the British Ministry of Magic, however not much is known about this at the moment. The final land will be Super Nintendo World. This land is based on similar theme zones in Universal Studios Japan and Hollywood and will most likely feature a Mario Kart-dark ride and Donkey Kong-rollercoaster with dark ride parts.

Universal Epic Universe
The portal to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic (© Universal Destinations & Experiences)

Universal Epic Universe is scheduled to open in 2025. While the real line up of attraction is still being kept secret, it is no doubt that this park will have some interesting dark and show rides. Watch the full video of Universal Destinations & Experiences below: