Splash Mountain has officially closed at Disneyland

Entrance of Splash Mountain in Disneyland (© Frédéric Beck)

May 30th marked the final operating day of the beloved log flume ride that has enthralled guests for over three decades. Since its debut at Disneyland (Anaheim), on July 17, 1989, Splash Mountain has been a favorite among park-goers. This classic ride took guests on a memorable journey through enchanting scenes inspired by the animated film “Song of the South.” From the misadventures of Brer Rabbit to the catchy tunes and breathtaking five-story waterfall finale, Splash Mountain offered a thrilling and immersive experience that left an indelible mark on visitors. Following the closure of the similar ride at Walt Disney World – Magic Kingdom (Orlando) on January 23, 2023, this leaves the ride of the same name at Tokyo Disneyland to be the only remaining version open.

For many Disneyland guests, Splash Mountain holds a special place in their hearts as a ride that sparked joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments. From families embarking on their first log flume adventure together to friends shrieking with delight as they braved the plunge, the water ride provided shared experiences that strengthened bonds and created lifelong memories.  Wait times for the ride stayed at around 3-4 hours all day as thousands of guests wanted to experience a favored attraction one final time.

(© Roller Coaster Traveller)

Splash Mountain’s allure lay not only in its thrilling water ride elements but also in its exceptional storytelling. Disney’s Imagineers brought the animated characters of Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, and Brer Fox to life through animatronics, picturesque scenes, and memorable songs. The ride immersed guests in the whimsical world of these lovable characters as they sought laughter and happiness in the briar patch.

In an effort to evolve and adapt to the desires of its diverse audience, Disneyland recently announced plans to reimagine Splash Mountain with a new theme inspired by the animated film “The Princess and the Frog.” While the transformation will bring forth an exciting new experience, it also signals the end of an era for the original Splash Mountain.

(© Frédéric Beck)

As Disneyland embarks on this new chapter, it remains committed to preserving the essence and charm of Splash Mountain while introducing a refreshed narrative. The park’s Imagineers are hard at work to ensure that the spirit of adventure and the magic that defined Splash Mountain will be carried forward into the future attraction.

Splash Mountain’s legacy as a beloved Disneyland attraction is undeniable. From its debut in 1989 to its forthcoming transformation, the ride has captured the imaginations and hearts of visitors young and old. As Disneyland ushers in a new era with the reimagining of Splash Mountain, it does so with a deep appreciation for the cherished memories and enduring magic that this iconic ride has provided throughout the years.  The rethemed version, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, is expected to open late 2024.

Princess and the Frog
Tiana’s Bayou Adventure – Concept Art (© Walt Disney Imagineering)