La Tête Dans les Nuages opens 5th location including new interactive theatre

La Tête Dans les Nuages interactive theatre front
Interactive theatre in another location of La Tête Dans les Nuages, in central Paris (© Dark Ride Database)

La Tête Dans les Nuages is one of the leaders in the French market for indoor family entertainment. The chain’s entertainment centres consist of arcade games, 3D Cinemas, bowling, VR Simulators, and many more activities. This weekend, the fifth location was officially opened in the Carré Sénart mall, just southwest of Paris. As with most of the already existing locations, the new venue includes an interactive theatre.

Though the full information is not yet known, the new theatre is another installation by Triotech and is likely named 7Di Cinéma Dynamique, in line with the same installation in earlier locations of the chain. Apart from the interactive theatre, the new venue also includes a DOF VR simulator and many arcade games. La Tête Dans les Nuages, which in French roughly translates to ‘with your head in the clouds’, now operates five of such centres in France: Three are located near Paris, two others can be found in Lyon and Nice.

The centre in Aéroville, near the Parisian airport Charles de Gaulle, made the news last year by opening a dark ride. This is the prototype of the Hyper Ride, a ride concept by Triotech and Gosetto. Until this day, it remains the only operating Hyper Ride, awaiting the opening of a second installation in Canada. A report on the Hyper Ride in La Tête Dans les Nuages Aéroville can be found here.