Hickhack um die Harzburg in Bad Harzburg officially opened

Hickhack um die Harzburg
King Heinrich IV in one of the scenes of ‘Hickhack um die Harzburg’

Starting today, the vibrant city of Bad Harzburg welcomes “Hickhack um die Harzburg,” a captivating new simulator experience at HarzVenture. This thrilling attraction plunges visitors into the heart of a dramatic local legend where they join King Heinrich IV in the quest to lift the siege at Harzburg Castle. Prepare for an adventure filled with intrigue and excitement around every turn!

HarzVenture is a tourism based company in Bad Harzburg. They offer various activities and attractions for the whole family, such as a treetop path, adventure minigolf and the BaumSchwebebahn, a kilometer long zipline attraction. The company decided to open a indoor attraction to create an experience that can operate year round and is not relying on the weather.

Press and attendees were welcomed to the BurgBergCenter, a new building by HarzVenture in the tourism area of the city that contains ticketbooths, souvenirshop and their new attraction. It is located right next to the historic cable car that takes riders up the mountain. Tickets for the cable car can be bought at the BurgBergCenter as well (however, it is not owned by HarzVenture). After an opening speech by HarzVenture CEO Holger Kolb, guests were intived to experience the ride.

Hickhack um die Harzburg
CEO Holger Kolb giving his speech

Hickhack um die Harzburg (German for “Hickup around the Harzburg”) tells the story of King Heinrich IV, who used to live in the Harzburg castle on a mountain that is above the city of Bad Harzburg. The ruins of his castle are still visible on the mountain. In the story, the castle is under siege by the Duke and Bishop of the Sachs. The attraction features a pre-show and a main show of almost 10 minutes, resulting in an experience of proximally 16 minutes.

Hickhack um die Harzburg
King Heinrich IV in one of the scenes of the attraction

The attraction was designed and built by Austrian company Attraktion! It is the debut of their Circulum360 ride system, which can best be described as a hybrid between a revolving theatre and a simulator, as it features a motion base platform underneath the gondola. The attraction features two physical scenes and one large projection screen, that is used twice during the ride. The scenery was built German company Playlife System. All other installations and the ride’s media were produced by Attraktion!

Hickhack um die Harzburg
The Circulum360 ride system by Attraktion!