The Lost Temple at Movie Park Germany remains closed during 2024 for possible retheme

Movie Park Germany The Lost Temple 1
Entrance to The Lost Temple (© Dark Ride Database)

Movie Park Germany has decided to keep The Lost Temple closed for the entirety of the 2024 season. German newspaper WAZ reported that ‘there are new plans for the future at this location, possibly hinting at a retheme for the simulator. Meanwhile, the Lost Temple page on the Movie Park Germany website has been altered to include the message ‘This film set is currently closed!

Even though the park has not announced any details yet, it can’t be a coincidence that last January an e-mail survey was sent out to select visitors in which they were asked for their opinion on The Lost Temple as well as their other simulator, Time Riders. Rumours on a retheme for Time Riders has been making the rounds for years, but it seems that based on the survey results, the park has opted to take on the dinosaur themed attraction The Lost Temple instead.

Movie Park Germany Lost Temple Survey
Screenshot of the survey (© Timonator via topic on Coasterfriends Forum)

In the survey, visitors were asked what theme they would enjoy most at either of the rides. Options included ”eerie jungle”, ”spies”, ”hidden treasure” and other generic themes. There were however also choices for specific properties like Journey to the Center of the Earth, the novel by Jules Verne. Next, they were asked how likely they were to recommend the ride to friends and family if their theme of choice would get picked. It should be noted that Paleontology, the ride’s current theme, was one of the options as well.

Movie Park Germany The Lost Temple 4
The elaborately decorated queue of The Lost Temple (© Dark Ride Database)

The Lost Temple is an Immersive Tunnel simulator, the first of its kind in Europe. Built by Simworx and opened in 2014, it tells the story of Dr. Carter who has found the temple in question, 700 metres underground. Excited to dig up the fossils and massive crystals located inside, he asks visitors to join his expedition. After being brought underground by a lift and having boarded one of the vehicles, the journey begins. However, it quickly gets disrupted by living dinosaurs, who have apparently been surviving down here for millions of years. The theming was done by Themrise and the media by Super 78. Further details will be released once we know more.

Movie Park Germany The Lost Temple 6
One of the ride vehicles by Simworx (© Dark Ride Database)