Fantawild Wonderland park opens, with many new dark rides

Opening ceremony of the new park (©

Today, 18th July 2023, a new Fantawild park opened its gates in Xuzhou (China). As with all of the parks in the chain, the new ‘Wonderland’ contains a significant number of dark rides designed and built in house by Fantawild’s Imagineering division. The park is the first to bear the name Fantawild Wonderland.

Xuzhou is located in the Jiangsu Province in the east of China, north of Shanghai. The project cost approximately 4 billion yuan (around €500M) and is expected to accommodate in the region of 3 million guests annually. It contains seven themed areas with a wide range of attractions and shows for all ages.

River of Tales (©

Like other Fantawild parks, many of the rides here have been developed previously and rolled out to multiple locations throughout the country. For Xuzhou, this includes attractions such as River of Tales, a boat ride that teaches guests about Chinese idioms, along with popular show rides such as the Flying Theatre ‘Let’s Fly‘ and Boonie Bears revolving Theatre.

Adventures in Dragon Palace ©

Most interestingly for Fantawild Wonderland is the reintroduction of certain attractions that debuted in much earlier generations of Fantawild parks. This includes motion based dark ride Wizard Academy and the above pictured Adventures in Dragon Palace, which appears to bear much resemblance to the attraction known as Dragon King’s Tale, first seen in 2014. While the theme is obviously similar, it is not yet known whether the ride hardware or storyline has been updated for such attractions. The database will be updated as and when we learn more about Fantawild Wonderland.

Let’s Fly (©
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