Latest news on Tokyo’s Fantasy Springs additions coming in 2024

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Last week Tokyo Disney Resort unveiled more information about their upcoming Fantasy Springs expansion. The new expansion is set to open on June 6th at the Tokyo DisneySea park and will feature several themed worlds, containing three dark rides, an outdoor car ride and a range of food and entertainment outlets.

The Urayasa based resort published information on all new rides in the area. A major update revolves around Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies. Initially expected to be a dark ride, it’s now revealed as an outdoor car ride employing trackless vehicles, a technology commonly linked with dark rides and similar to the famous dark rides of Fantasyland, which are featured in numerous Disneyland and Disney World parks.

Additional information was also unveiled for the remaining three dark rides in Fantasy Springs. Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey will not be a copy of the Frozen Ever After boat ride, which debuted last year at Hong Kong Disneyland and is presently being constructed at Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. The Tokyo version will offer an insight into the story of Anna and Else and as such follow the storyline set in 2013’s movie Frozen. The ride’s description goes deeper into the story:

In the Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey attraction, guests set out on a voyage by boat that leads them through the events of Frozen. Through this voyage, guests will enjoy an adventurous and heartwarming tale of two sisters with themes of true love. Grand Pabbie, the leader of the trolls, first draws guests into the world of the film as he tells the tale of Anna and Elsa to two young trolls, bringing the sisters’ childhood memories back to life with an iridescent light through his magic. Guests then embark on a journey through the sisters’ memories, accompanied by well-known songs from the film, including “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” “For the First Time in Forever” and “Love Is an Open Door,” the duet sung by Anna and Hans at the top of the clock tower. Guests will also be able to enjoy the fan-favorite “Let It Go,” sung by Elsa as she climbs North Mountain, where she creates an ice palace with her powers. The climax of the attraction depicts Anna turning to ice in an attempt to save Elsa from Hans. In Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, guests can look forward to seeing how the events of the story play out, while delighting in a tale of adventure and true love.
TDR TDS Fantasy Springs Rapunzels Forest Concept Art 2 1200x607 1
Artist concept of outdoor area of Rapunzel in Tokyo DisneySea (©Disney Company)

Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival also received it’s first in ride concept art. The new image shows of guest gliding along towards the kingdom of Corona while in boats, featuring four rows of four seats each. The boats themselves were shown already on the D23 expo back in 2022. The ride features characters, locations and songs from the 2010 animated movie. Disney released the following ride description:

In this attraction, guests enjoy a romantic gondola tour that leads to the annual Lantern Festival, where they follow Rapunzel as she experiences her “best day ever” and meets Flynn Rider for the first time. Guests will make their way towards the tower where Rapunzel lives, and will find her gazing out of her lofty tower window, singing “When Will My Life Begin,” as Flynn Rider watches on. Rapunzel escapes from the tower and with Flynn Rider at her side, the two develop a strong bond as they visit various locations featured in the film. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider go on to sing “I See the Light,” and guests are enveloped by the glow of countless lanterns filling the night sky.
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Photo of Rapunzels boat scale model (© Laughing Place)
Peter Pans Never Land Adventure Ride DisneySea
Artist concept of outdoor area of Rapunzel in Tokyo DisneySea (©Disney Company)

Lastly, new information was also published on the second Peter Pan themed ride, Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure. This motion-based dark ride will take guests on a six-minute long ride through Neverland and features 3D multi-media. The design of the ride vehicle has been known since the D23 expo 2022 and looks like the vehicle seen in the King Thanos concept arts for the upcoming ride at Disney’s California Adventure. Just as with the three other dark rides, Disney released a ride description of Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure:

In this attraction, guests join Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the Lost Kids on an epic adventure through Never Land to rescue John from Captain Hook and his band of pirates. When Peter Pan informs guests that John has been kidnapped by Captain Hook and his pirate crew, they board a boat and set off on an adventure. Tinker Bell then sprinkles fairy dust on the boat, allowing guests to soar into the sky. During their journey, guests encounter Wendy, Michael, the mermaids, Tiger Lily and other beloved characters from the film. During their travels, guests will discover Captain Hook’s moored ship, the Jolly Roger, and look on as a battle with the pirates ensues. 

All the new rides are set to open later this year alongside the Fantasy Springs area at Tokyo DisneySea, with the grand opening scheduled for June 6th.