New Fantawild park Boonie Bears Land opens 12th February

Entrance to Boonie Bears Land (©Fantawild)

The new Boonie Bears Land from Fantawild officially opened today, and with it a brand new dark ride and show ride. 12th February 2024 marked the grand opening of the park in Taizhou (Zhejiang province, China), just a few miles from the existing FT Wild Land park in the same city.

The first new Fantawild park to open for 2024 is another new concept for the chain, under the title Boonie Bears Land. The theme park is smaller than most other Fantawild establishments, with a stronger emphasis on family attractions, of which there are around 30, including a water park. Amongst these are two new listings for our database – Toy Box Fun and Back To Earth.

Toy Box Fun appears to be a dark ride with 3D multimedia, based on brief promotional clips. Guests will be transported into a miniaturized world of fun, alongside the Boonie Bear Gang. Fantawild manufactures a wide variety of dark ride attractions in house, so the possibilities are almost endless.

Back To Earth is another in a long line of Revolving Theatre show rides within the Fantawild chain. Commonly dubbed Boonie Bear Theatres, these attractions display a variety of different films from the popular children’s TV franchise, using a large rotating platform within a 360 degree combination of screens and physical sets. As per the attraction title, the film in this location will be based on the events of 2022 feature film Boonie Bears: Back to Earth.

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Entrance to Back to Earth (©Fantawild)