Report: Treasure Hunt – a pirate adventure in Monterey
Experiencing the new dark ride at Cannery Row in Monterey, CA
From the ’90s to now: Behind the scenes at Movie Park Germany’s Time Riders
Behind the scenes at Time Riders, Movie Park Germany’s iconic simulator.
Tetrastar Spaceport: A personal space adventure at the National Space Centre
Interview with the NSC Creative team about the development of the experience
Große Geisterbahn at Wiener Prater is getting ready to reopen: a backstage tour
Find out what’s been keeping this ghost train closed
Report: IAAPA Expo Europe 2023 in Austria
Team DRdb attended the event looking for news
Report: Op Reis met Bumba takes Plopsaland guests around the world
Read all about the new dark ride in Plopsaland de Panne
Report: An Uncharted dark coaster adventure in PortAventura
Read all about the new dark coaster in PortAventura
Report: Discovering Terra Magma, the mysterious volcano at Bobbejaanland
Report on the press opening of rethemed log flume
Report: Capturing Mushies in Le Pal’s Champi’Folies
New interactive dark ride Champi’Folies is a smash hit for Le Pal.
Report: Going to Conny-Land to meet the Crazy Professor
Report of Conny-Land newest attraction: Crazy Professor
Report: Joining the outlaws in Red Bandits Adventure at Attractiepark Slagharen
Red Bandits Adventure opens in Attractiepark Slagharen
The History of Indiana River – World’s First Enclosed Log Flume
Delve into the making-of the mysterious log flume set within an Aztec temple
Report: Tata World River Adventure – A boat ride to and through a Vietnamese fairytale
Dark Ride Database visited in early 2023 to experience and document the World...
Report: The Curse at Alton Manor – The Haunted House strikes back, again!
Visit to the opening day including the history of The Haunted House
Madhouses III: That is Illusion
Final part of our Madhouses trilogy
Report: Official opening ceremony of Drachen Magic at Ritter Rost – Magic Park Verden
New dark ride opened to public on 3 December
Report: Goodbye Burg Falkenstein – A Backstage Tour
Exploring the classic Holiday Park dark ride inside and out
Strolling down Sesame Street: A walk through Street Mission with lead designer Rich Hill
Interview and walk-through of the PortAventura dark ride
Report: Testing the award-winning Chasseurs de Tornades in Futuroscope
Team DRdb visited Futurosocpe to test this new simulator
Backstage at the monster hunt of Legendia’s Bazyliszek
We took a walk through the streets of Kurkowo in Legendia’s Bazyliszek.
Report: IAAPA Expo Europe 2022
Our report of the IAAPA Expo Europe 2022 in London.
Madhouses II: The Development of Villa Volta
Insights into the creation of the first modern Madhouse
Spotlight: Villa Volta
Let’s take a look at the ride experience of this classic Madhouse
Report: Saving the Avengers Campus in Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure
Follow us when we try to save Avengers Campus in Walt Disney Studios...
Report: Visiting the Hyper Ride prototype
Checking out Triotech’s prototype of their ‘Hyper Ride’ motion-based dark ride.
Report: An adventure in the world of Jumanji at Gardaland
Team DRdb visited the new dark ride Jumanji – the Adventure
Report: Volkanu, on a Quest for the Golden Idol
Review of the newly opened dark ride at Lost Island Themepark

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