FlyOver flying theatre opening at Chicago in 2024

Promotional image of FlyOver (© FlyOver by Pursuit)
Promotional image of the flying theatre (© FlyOver by Pursuit)

Pursuit, operator of FlyOver Attractions, announced new information on their 5th flying theatre installation, coming to Chicago (Illinois, United States). The new, stand alone attraction is expected to open in spring 2024 at the historic Navy Pier, the city’s second-most visited tourist attraction hot-spot. Originally, the flying theatre was announced in 2022 and was expected to open in the fall of 2023. Due to unknown circumstances, the opening has been pushed back by about half a year.

A special website has been launched to provide updates relating to the project. A concept artwork has been released on it showcasing the attraction’s exterior as well as an official press release. Each installation features a specially shot movie, related to the region it is located in. ”The attraction’s signature flying journey, set amongst the stunning architectural backdrop of Chicago, will showcase the city from an entirely new perspective.”

Concept art of exterior FlyOver Chicago (© FlyOver by Pursuit)
Concept art of the exterior (© FlyOver by Pursuit)

Lisa Adams, Vice President of the company, goes on to explain that the media will be filmed throughout Chicago this year and ”Will use the power of unique perspectives, feelings of flight and complete sensory immersion to inspire wonder and help our guests soar up, over, under and around this incredible American city.”

Like FlyOver’s previous installations, Canada (2013), America (2016), Iceland (2019) and Las Vegas (2021), the ride system at Chicago will be manufactured by Brogent Technologies. A 65-foot spherical screen is used to immerse guests into the film, helped with special effects like wind, mist and scents.

FlyOver Chicago replaces the Navy Pier IMAX film theatre, which was operated by AMC Theatres. It opened back in 1995 and was closed in March 2021 due to financial troubles at the company following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Found on the new website is also a time-lapse showcasing the demolition of the old IMAX theatre.

The history Navy Pier (© FlyOver by Pursuit)
The history Navy Pier (© FlyOver by Pursuit)