BoldMove Nation and Triotech unveil new Smash & Reload size and Voodoo Festival IP

Voodoo Festival
Voodoo Festival day version (© BoldMove Nation and Triotech)

Last year saw the successful launch of BoldMove Nation’s and Triotech’s award winning Smash and Reload in La Pal (France). Today the two companies unveil the next step in the offered line-up with the reveal of the Smash & Reload Maxi and the Voodoo Festival IP.

The Smash & Reload concept was first unveiled back in 2020. Back then Benoit Cornet, Founder and CCO of Bold Move Nation stated: “We experience a true wave of enthusiasm from vendors and partners to put their best skills, people and technology into this exciting new attraction. We are so proud to pull this expertise together to build a next generation of dark rides with our customers. We address today’s needs and challenges with compact, yet high-capacity, fun rides packed with action and within reach of every budget.” 

Last season saw the opening of the first Smash & Reload: Champi’Folies in Le Pal (France). This first installment replaced Ciné Dynamik 3D, which was housed in the same building. The replacement of a simulator with a dark ride showed the amazing capability of the concept to fit in a limited space. Champi’folies immediately became a crowd favorite, consistently ranking among the top five attractions in the park by its queue times.

Today’s release combines the official launch of the new Maxi format of the Smash & Reload concept with a new IP for the Smash & Reload concept: Voodoo Festival. The first IP, TooMush, featuring adorable mushrooms, has introduced innovative developments involving semi-autonomous characters that dynamically adjust their behavior and reactions based on the player’s actions. With the new IP BoldMove and Triotech are looking at the next step in this evolution.

In Voodoo Festival a mysterious force brings voodoo dolls to life. In this new theme guest have to launch their good luck bags to stop the dolls from taking over the world famous Mardi Gras festival. Unique to the new IP is the ability to change the look and feel of the ride with a flick of a switch, offering a much scarier version of the IP. This new development also offers parks the ability to offer limited time content for events such as seasonal and corporate events or other parties.

Voodoo Festival
Voodoo Festival’s scarier scene (© Bold Move Nation and Triotech)

The new Maxi version of the ride builds on the strong foundation that the Original version of Smash & Reload offers. The Maxi version increases the footprint of the ride from 225m² to 325m² and boosts the hourly capacity from 430 to 600 guests per hour. This makes the attraction even more viable for parks with higher throughput requirements. For smaller parks the companies offer a smaller version, called Mini, with a footprint of 144m² and throughput of 260 guests per hour. The Mini is aimed at leisure and retail venues, like Family Entertainment Centres.

Formats SmashNReload
The three different sizes of Smash & Reload (© BoldMove Nation and Triotech)

Utilizing tried-and-tested modules and technologies, every Smash & Reload attraction can be customized for each venue. Integration into the park’s infrastructure is seamless, catering to all age groups with its enjoyable and user-friendly gameplay. Enhancements to the ride experience can include an interactive walkthrough, expanding the adventure and enhancing the immersion of the IP’s universe. This transition from the queue line to an engaging pre-show adds to the attraction’s appeal. Furthermore, the experience can be complemented with food and beverage options as well as a themed shop featuring extensive merchandise, providing additional revenue opportunities.