Europa-Park announces Voltron Nevera as name of new semi-dark roller coaster

Voltron Nevera logo artist impression
Impression with the logo of Voltron Nevera (© Europa-Park)

Europa-Park, the largest theme park in Germany, is currently working on the construction of their new roller coaster ride. The park already announced that the thrilling coaster is part of their new Croatian theme zone, and that the ride itself will be themed after the Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla. However so far, the name of the new ride was kept secret, until last week. Europa-Park has now announced that the semi-dark roller coaster will be called Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac.

The opening of Voltron Nevera is scheduled for 2024, although the construction of the Croatia-themed zone will only start after the opening of the roller coaster. Nevertheless, the station of Voltron Nevera will already be themed after the Wardenclyffe Tower, one of the inventions of Nikola Tesla. The energy of the tower will launch guests into the thrilling roller coaster ride, which contains 3 launch sections. Earlier, the park announced a dark ride section on the ride, which will take place just after the station.

Along with announcing the name, Europa-Park released a fact sheet with data of the new ride. During its 1385 meter track length, guests will experience four launches (of which one backwards) and go through 7 inversions. The first of the launches is claimed to be the world steepest launch at 105 degrees, launching straight into the first inversion.

Europa-Park Tesla Tower Concept art
Concept art of the ride’s station building (© Europa-Park)

The name Voltron is not a complete surprise: Europa-Park claimed the brand name already in early 2022. As the name indicates, the new ride is sponsored by Rimac, a Croatian automotive producer. The Nevera subtitle also refers to the manufacturer, as Nevera is one of their car models. Michael Mack, CEO of Europa-Park, says: “The cooperation is a perfect match. There couldn’t be anyone better than Mate Rimac and his team for this, as the company is 100 percent authentic. It is important to Europa-Park to strive for partnerships that take place on an equal footing.”