New dark rides and show rides for 2022

New Dark Ride
Promotional image for Volkanu: Quest for the Golden Idol (© Lost Island Theme Park & Sally Dark Rides)

A new year means a new list of new dark rides and show rides! Even though 2021 has been a weird year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, quite a few rides opened last year, as you can see on our list of new rides 2021. Let’s now see what 2022 has in store in terms of new dark rides and show rides! Check out the list below:



Clifton Hill (Niagara Falls, Ontario): Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride. Brand new dark ride and the first installation of the Hyper Ride, a ride concept by Triotech & Gosetto. The ride type includes motion seats, to give a similar experience to motion-based dark ride vehicles. The ride was announced at the IAAPA Expo in 2021.

United States of America

Cannery Row (Monterey, California): Treasure Hunt. Brand new interactive dark ride, developed by Daniels Wood Land in collaboration with Sally Dark Rides. The ride combines physical decors with interactive screens, where visitors are to defend themselves from sea monsters. The ride, with an interactive system by Alterface, was announced at the IAAPA Expo 2021.

Lost Island Theme Park (Waterloo, Iowa): Volkanu: Quest for the Golden Idol. Lost Island Theme Park is a brand new theme park by the owners of Lost Island Waterpark. The park, with a masterplan designed by BDR Design Group, includes a new interactive dark ride housed inside a volcano. The ride is developed by Sally Dark Rides, with the ride system by ETF Ride Systems and an interactive system by Alterface. Volkanu was announced at the IAAPA Expo 2021.

Santa’s Village Azoosment Park (Dundee, Illinois): Unknown. Relocation of the ride system of the Escape from Dinosaur Beach ride, that operated from 1995 to 1998 at Dinosaur Beach (Wildwood, NJ). It is not known to what extent set pieces are kept and what theme the relocated ride will have. The relocation was announced at the IAAPA Expo 2021.

Six Flags over Texas (Arlington, Texas): Pirates of Speelunker Cave. Retheme of the 1964 classic Arrow dark boat ride. The ride was originally called Spee-Lunker’s Cave (1964-1991) and rethemed to Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure in 1992. Flooding caused the ride to close in 2018. For the park’s 60th anniversary in 2022, the ride will be re-imagined to honor the original theme.

Walt Disney World – EPCOT (Lake Buena Vista, Florida): Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Major new ride for the Walt Disney World Resort, combining a roller coaster and a dark ride. Details on the ride largely remain a mystery, though a little information was announced at Destination D23. The ride, with a ride system by Vekoma, opens on 27 May.

Disney D23
Promotional poster for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (© Walt Disney Imagineering)



Fantawild Dinosaur Kingdom Zigong (Zigong): New Park – A new park by the Fantawild Group. It is not yet known for sure when this will open and what dark rides to expect as a Dinosaur Kingdom park would be the first of it’s kind from Fantawild.

Fantawild Glorious Orient Huai’an (Huai’an): New Park – A new park by the Fantawild Group expected to open in the first half of 2022. The dark rides that are confirmed so far are The Glorious Years (Show Ride), Zhiyuan Zhiyuan (Boat Ride), Railway Guerilla (4D Car Ride) and Let’s Fly (Flying Theatre), with the remaining lineup likely to be similar to those seen opening last year at the Glorious Orient parks in Ganzhou and Ningbo.

Happy Valley Chongqing (Chongqing): Unknown – The park is due to open a new children’s area at at budget of € 75 million, including a 4D Dark Ride by Simtec. Details on the ride are as yet unknown.

Oriental Heritage Anyang (Anyang): New Park – New park by the Fantawild Group. Likely to contain the same dark rides as other more recent Oriental Heritage parks such as Taiyuan.

Oriental Heritage Zhengzhou (Zhengzhou): New Park – New park by the Fantawild Group and a third gate to the Fantawild Zhengzhou Resort. Likely to contain the same dark rides as other more recent Oriental Heritage parks such as Taiyuan.


Tetsyblu Theme Park (Aqtau): Snorri – Second installation of the Snorri Touren-ride in Europa-Park. The installation in Kazakhstan is an exact copy of the original ride, including the Snorri mascot. Designed and built by a combination of Jora Vision, Mack Rides and Mack NeXT, the ride is scheduled to open in spring.


Genting Skyworlds (Genting Highlands): Renewed Park – The original Genting Theme Park closed in 2013 for major refurbishment. The new park, Genting Skyworlds, is mainly based on IP by 20th Century Fox. The park announced some rides in August and was set to open in late 2021. The park officially soft-opened on 8 February, though the park has welcomed some guests already before that date.


Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi): Mission Ferrari – SFX-coaster, combining a dark ride and a rollercoaster, built by Dynamic Attractions. The ride was announced for 2019, but has not opened to public up to now.

Jumanji Gardaland
Artwork for Jumanji – The Adventure (© Merlin Entertainment)



Lego Discovery Centre Brussels (Brussels): Imagination Express. This brand new Lego Discovery Centre in the Belgian capital will contain the signature interactive darkr ide ‘Imagination Express’, that can be found in multiple Legoland Discovery Centres and debuted in Philadelphia in 2017. The centre is scheduled to open in the summer of 2022.


Futuroscope (Chasseneuil-du-Poitou): Chasseurs de Tornades. Brand new show ride where riders plunge into the heart of tornados (Chasseurs de Tornades means Tornado Chasers in French). The ride consists of a Dynamic Motion Theater by Dynamic Attractions. It is located inside the Images Studio pavilion, and set to open on the 2 July.

Walt Disney Studios (Marne-la-Vallée): WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure. This ride is a copy of the ride by the same name that opened in Disney California Adventure in 2021. The new dark ride is part of the development of Avengers Campus, located on the site of the former Backlot area. Opening of the area including the dark ride is scheduled for summer 2022.


Cavallino Matto (Castagneto Carducci): Pirati. New semi-dark ride, combining a spinning rafts ride with a pirate-themed dark ride. The ride is presumably constructed by Zamperla.

Gardaland (Castelnuovo del Garda): Jumanji – The Adventure. New dark ride based on the Jumanji franchise, opening scheduled for April 2nd. In collaboration with Futura Form, Gardaland creates a dark ride in which riders are to return the Sacred Jewel to its shrine and save Jumanji. Replaces the previous dark ride Ramses: Il Risveglio which closed for the 2021 season.


De Waarbeek (Hengelo): Huyze Pelle. New dark ride, presumably a ghost train looking at the façade in haunted-house-style. The façade is created in collaboration with Petro Art Production, but further details on the ride are yet unknown. Scheduled to open on May 28th.

Drouwenerzand (Drouwen): Landhuys den Linden. New dark ride, will reuse the Barbisan built ride system from Spookhuis. Leisure Games will design the ride’s theming and sets.


Conny-Land (Lipperswil): Crazy Professor. This unique ‘vertical dark ride’ is a co-production of Conny-Land and Ride Engineers Switzerland (RES). The ride, announced in November 2021, consists of an indoor free fall tower that features storytelling on four multimedia screens on different levels of the ride.

United Kingdom

Fantasy Island (Ingoldmells): Harrington Flint’s Island Adventure. New dark ride which will utilize a trackless ride vehicle build by ETF. The ride will feature an interactive element with guns, allowing guests to shoot at targets. The ride revolves around the character of Harrington Flint. Riders join him on a quest, where he once again comes face-to-face with Professor Crow, his old enemy.

This article will be extended when new rides are announced. Do you know of a new ride that should be on this list? Please e-mail us at [email protected].