Fantasy Island opens Harrington Flint dark ride in 2022

Harrington Flint
© Fantasy Island

After a year of anticipation, Fantasay Island (Ingoldmells, United Kingdom) has announced the opening of their new dark ride for 2022. The ride, called Harrington Flint’s Island Adventure, was originally scheduled for 2021, but due to Covid-19 construction was never started. Now, the park has announced the opening of the new interactive dark ride for 2022, with an official opening date to be revealed later.

The ride revolves around the character of Harrington Flint, a famous explorer and treasure hunter. Riders join him on a quest, where he once again comes face-to-face with Professor Crow, his old enemy. Professor Crow has found the cursed book of Xibalba and is on a mission to raise an ancient Mayan god of war and take over the world. Only the riders can help Harrington Flint to defeat Professor Crow by fighting off his army of the dead. Visitors will be immersed in a new world, travelling through portals, taking aim and shooting down Mayan zombies.

The ride can be constructed in the park’s indoor area called The Pyramid. An official opening date is not yet announced. Information on manufacturers and other technical details are not known yet.