FT Wild Land, another new Fantawild Park, to open in China

FT Wild Land website art (© taizhou.fangte.com)

Chinese park chain Fantawild recently released information about a new brand of park named ‘Wild Land.’ The first of these parks has already been constructed in Taizhou (Zhejiang province, China). The new park contains several new dark rides and will open this summer.

The name comes from one film in particular ‘熊出没·狂野大陆’ (Bear Infested Wild Continent) which has recently had much domestic success. This new style of park from Fantawild focuses primarily on the animation brands and IPs of the company, with many of the confirmed rides featuring characters from the successful Boonie Bear animated series and films.

Several of these attractions recently debuted at Fantawild Dinosaur Kingdom Zigong when it opened earlier this month, including the Flying Theatre, Flying (known here as Let’s Fly), and Interactive Dark Ride, Jungle Guardian.

The park consists of 8 theme lands. It also contains an indoor boat ride with scenes based around Boonie Bear, along with what appears to be a copy of the simulator attraction Finding the Merlion, which was first seen at Fantawild Asian Legend in Nanning and depicts an adventure with the same characters, set in Singapore.

While an official opening date for the park has not yet been announced, several ticket giveaways have been taking place across local social media in order to gain a certain number of lucky guests early access to FT Wild Land Taizhou and it’s attractions. It is expected that a full opening will take place at some point in the near future.

lets fly
Flying Theatre attraction entrance (© fangte.com)